Why waterless beauty should be on your radar

Now you can save the planet as you pamper yourself
Why waterless beauty should be on your radar
Victoria Beckham SS18

Water is any essential part of many beauty regimes, but it goes further than simply washing away your shampoo suds or rinsing off your cleanser; water is the predominant ingredient in many of our products too. Check the back of most things in your bathroom and you’ll notice the first ingredient listed is ‘aqua’. While water has lots of skin-friendly properties, it also bulks out the formula meaning manufacturers sneakily get away with using less of the expensive good stuff such as oils, extracts and acids.

But don’t fret that your hard-earned cash is going down the drain. Finally, in 2018 the beauty industry is more in-tune with the planet’s plight, and this excessive use of water is being addressed with a new breed of products. Introducing the waterless wonders, products that will help both your skin and the planet.

Jason And The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar Lush

Lush’s solid shampoo bar is packed with argan oil, rose absolute and a host of other nourishing sweet smelling ingredients. It won’t lather as much as a traditional shampoo but will leave you hair clean and soft – try turning off your shower in between applications to save even more water.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer Feelunique

For a clear beauty conscience, head over to RMS. Not only are the products raw, organic, non-toxic and vegan, they’re also packed with food-grade ingredients like the coconut oil in the cult Living Luminizer – switch for your traditional liquid highlight and banish water from your cheeks.

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleaning Powder Sephora

Keep your eye out for powder cleansers like this active-charcoal one from Origins. Packed full of goodness, the only water involved will be a splash at your basin to active the ingredients and essential oils.

Caudalie Vineactiv Overnight Detox Oil Sephora

Loaded with rosemary, bitter orange, carrot and rosemary oils (to name but a few!), this pure oil is ideal for city dwellers whose skin is in need of detox – the ideal replacement for you usual water-based serum.

Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and supplied