10 brands to know at Dubai's Prêt-à-Cover Buyers Lane

From 28 March, a new kind of modest-wear event is landing on our shores. Here are the brands we have our eye on...
10 brands to know at Dubai's Prêt-à-Cover Buyers Lane
Under-Rapt: as cool as it gets, no?

You can’t fail to have noticed that there’s a modest revolution happening – and it’s spread far beyond just our shores. With the modest-wear industry projected to grow to US$322 billion (Dhs1.2 trillion) by the end of this year, it’s little wonder that events such as Prêt-à-Cover Buyers Lane – a modest design and fashion event happening at City Walk 2 from 28 March – are being met with such global excitement. Bringing together 30 international brands, all marching to the beat of the modesty drum, PAC-BL is open to the public and is set to be the first of its kind. Here are the top ten brands we’ve earmarked…

1. Under-Râpt

Nike’s Pro Hijab made serious waves when it was launched last year, but the sports behemoth isn’t the only one contributing to the modest performancewear conversation. Founded by British-Egyptian designer Yasmin Sobeih, Under-Râpt’s modest athluxury is as covetable and cool as it comes. We want it all.

Kopenhagen Fur will be flying the Scandi flag

2. Kopenhagen Fur

Those Scandis know a thing or two about layering up when it’s cold – and a huge part of that is fur. We know what you’re thinking, but Kopenhagen Fur purports to be completely ethical, sustainable and respectful of animal welfare. Fashion with heart, if you like.

Dilyara Sadrieva, where have you been all our lives?

3. Dilyara Sadrieva

Drawing inspiration from Russia’s Muslim heritage – Crimean, Tatar, Kazakh and Chechen – Dilyara Sadrieva has created a modest brand underpinned by modernity. Apt, since she is also the face of the Islamic Fashion Design Council in Russia.

Araida is the stuff of red-carpet dreams

4. Araida

Russian powerhouse Araida’s mission statement is to, “win a worthy place in the hearts of women seeking to look stylish while leaving some mystery in their image.” If that’s not enough to win your heart, think floor-sweeping drama and a touch of tailoring.

Minnow Zola realness

5. Minnow Zola

Sustainable, affordable, modest fashion. That’s the M.O. of Aussie brand Minnow Zola, whose dedication to making the world a better place is as strong as its dedication to crafting slick, clean clothing we all want to wear.

Astel: we expect big things

6. Astel

Officially launching at Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane, Astel is the beautiful brainchild of a Russian fur company and Toby of Hatem AlAkeel. No doubt a luxe, modern must-have in the making.

It doesn't get prettier than Mimpikita

7. Mimpikita

Translated as 'our dreams' in the brand's native language, Bahasa Malaysia, Mimpikita is a fun, frothy, feelgood dose of femininity coming out of Kuala Lumpur.

Punto joins Kopenhagen Fur with an ethical fur offering

8. Punto

Based in a city with one of the richest garment manufacturing heritages - Istanbul - Punto Leather & Fur promises an ethical approach. It also offers a made-to-measure, personalised service. Fancy.

Schmiley Mo's denim jacket of dreams

9. Schmiley Mo

Indonesian-based brand Schmiley Mo is a little bit of sunshine injected right into your wardrobe. Think Pop Art colours, patches, polka-dots and kitsch aplenty. We dare you not to crack a schmile.

Thavia's nailed pyjama dressing

10. Thavia

Further proof of the burgeoning talent pool in Malaysia, slick newcomer Thavia is detail-driven and aimed at the modern woman. It does a good job, no?

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