20 years on, here's what Carrie Bradshaw is still teaching us about street style

Despite SATC bursting onto our screens 20 years ago today, SJP’s TV alter ego still provides endless outfit inspo...
20 years on, here's what Carrie Bradshaw is still teaching us about street style

From the unexpected power of the oversized corsage, to the surprising levels of chic that a nameplate necklace can lend, Carrie Bradshaw’s unparalleled grasp on fashion was the real reason so many of us compulsively tuned into SATC; hilarious, life-affirming storylines just a very happy coincidence.

Carrie: proving that even inclement weather is no excuse to let standards slip

Thanks to the inimitable, visionary eye of the show’s Costume Designer, Patricia Field, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s natural, magnetic verve, it all came together to make fashion history that – 20 years later today – we still refer to again and again. Sure, Carrie & Co.’s Blahnik-wearing uber-lives may now seem a little outdated, but the show’s style – questionable in parts, we won’t lie – still remains fresh and inspiring every time you look at it.

It’s little wonder, then, that SJP’s own-brand fashion lines have done quite so well; first stepping into the world of footwear, and then collaborating with Bloomingdale’s New York on a line of LBDs called TITLE.

Gallivanting around New York for the campaign images, SJP proves she’s still quite the clotheshorse, but makes us nostalgic for the days when it was Carrie doing it in whatever hare-brained get-up Patricia Field had dreamt of on-set. To celebrate the show's 20th birthday, we looked to the Big Apple’s original street-styler to see what she can still teach us about putting together a killer outfit…

1. Accessories are everything

From a dalliance with colourful gloves to refusing to give up her Manolos at gunpoint, Carrie gets that accessories maketh the outfit. She does, after all, go by ShoeGal online.

2. Power clashing is healthy

A starfish-stamped jacket and a palm-print skirt? A Dior monogram clutch and an antique floral coat? All in a day’s work for CB, whose middle name could well have been mashup.

3. If in doubt, do tailoring

A great blazer goes with almost everything. Pink, puffball de la Renta dresses worn in McDonald’s included.

4. Mix it up

Carrie’s power? She could go from a pinstripe-capri-pant-and-flatcap combo in the morning, to a Jenny From The Block-esque hip-hop homage in the afternoon, all without breaking a sweat.

5. The rules are, there are no rules

Does your outfit make you smile? Have you found yourself wearing any of the following: a bandana? Snakeskin knee-highs? An inexplicable kipper tie? PJs and fur? Congrats – Carrie would be proud.

Photos: REX and Getty Images