20:20 Vision: what we learned from sunglass supremos Magrabi’s female-empowering campaign

These girls have seen the future... and it's definitely female
20:20 Vision: what we learned from sunglass supremos Magrabi’s female-empowering campaign

From left to right: Mariam wears glasses, POA, Anna Karin Karlsson. Ascia wears sunglasses, Dhs2,250, Fendi. Nour wears sunglasses, Dhs750, Ray-Ban. Tamara wears sunglasses, Dhs3,500, Cartier. Fatima wears sunglasses, Dhs2,490, Fendi. All available at Magrabi

There’s never been a more exciting time for women to be looking to the future; especially here in the Middle East where, in places like KSA, life-changing policies are being put into place.

Coinciding perfectly with this sea change is Egyptian-Saudi eyewear company Magrabi’s new female-led campaign, #EmpowerYourVision; a series of images that pack a serious punch featuring some of the Middle East’s best-loved – but, more importantly, most inspiring – fashion influencers.

A love letter to female empowerment, Ascia, Nour Arida, Mariam Yeya, Fatima Almomen and Tamara Al Gabbani come together to explore how women are perceived, asking “Look at me, what do you see?”

Amin Magrabi, CEO of Magrabi Group tells Grazia, “As the region is in the midst of a number of exciting transformations, we felt compelled to use this time and our voice to champion a cause that has always been close to our hearts and an important part of our business. Having a vision today is knowing that our future is dependent on our collective ability to shape it.”

Well said, no? We asked the girls how they see it…

Sunglasses, Dhs650, Oakley

“I can see women in leadership roles making a difference by ensuring their decisions are fuelled by the impact they will have on future generations.” - Fatima Almomen

Sunglasses, Dhs2,490, Fendi

Sunglasses, Dhs750, Ray-Ban

“Using my voice to strengthen other people – especially women – is a big daily motivation for me to keep going.” - Nour Arida

Sunglasses, POA, Gucci

Glasses, Dhs625, Ray-Ban

“Presently, every country varies in its journey to female empowerment. It would be wonderful to all be on the same plane one day. Imagine the sisterhood!” - Ascia

Sunglasses, POA, Elie Saab

Glasses, Dhs3,270, Anna Karin Karlsson

“Individuality and realness are the two most empowering tools to stay confident and secure a hater-free, kinder future for women.” - Mariam Yeya

Glasses, POA, Gucci

Sunglasses, Dhs1,495, Miu Miu

“Education is the key to an empowered life. A strong woman is one with choices and the freedom to make those choices for herself.” - Tamara Al Gabbani

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