3 ways the Jacquemus show pioneered positive change

From racial diversity to sustainable production, the L'Amour show made power moves towards more ethical living
3 ways the Jacquemus show pioneered positive change
Jacquemus Spring 2021

Not only does Simon Porte Jacquemus’ newest collection serve clean, classy and exquisitely French silhouettes, but it brings the fashion industry into a new age of responsibility, paying homage to the brand’s moral code.

Launching the L’Amour line, Porte Jacquemus describes how his designs were inspired by "people gathered together celebrating love". A sun-washed colour palette, crisply modern shirts and elegant evening dresses combine with Porte Jacquemus’ love of his team and the craft. Here are three ways the show embodied modern ethics:

1. It embraced size inclusivity:

Casting the likes of Jill Kortleve, Sabrina Karlsson and Lauren Frederick, Jacquemus strives to create a cast that embraces all body shapes. Donning crop tops and mini-skirts, these models bring truth to Porte Jacquemus’ assertion that "a true celebration of L’Amour is universal".

2. It featured racial diversity

Porte Jacquemus mused, "What’s so beautiful about L’amour is how it can endure - sometimes even grow stronger - in the absence of people being together". Even through the isolating moments of a worldwide lockdown, we can see examples of human connection not only surviving but flourishing.

With over 60 per cent of participants being models of colour, the show passionately embraces and displays our shared beauty. Not to mention the hushed tones of cream, taupe, black and pale blue-green beautifully flatter all skin-tones!

3. It championed sustainability

The authentic romance of the show, models floating sleekly through a wheat field, pairs elegantly with the company’s environmental consciousness. Last year, it cut back to two shows a year (in January and June), both combining menswear and womenswear. This allows it to reduce production costs, wastage ands fabrics between men and women, taking mindful control of energy output and expenditure.

Now, this is fashion that cares about our future. You can watch the show here.

Photos: Lucien Pages and Instagram edited by Kathryn Rao