5 styling hacks from Dubai's best-dressed Insta Star

Stylist, art director, and fashion blogger Samantha Francis aka Style Is Necessity shares her closely guarded styling secrets
5 styling hacks from Dubai's best-dressed Insta Star

We’re obsessed with your styling!

I always try to add an extra little layer to make an outfit more exciting, such as a sheer top under a spaghetti-strap dress, or perhaps a skinny jean under a flowy dress to add a cool edge. I love styling looks in unexpected ways. Denim and diamonds is just so much fun! Denim doesn’t have to be casual. It’s about how you combine it. Why not add something glamorous, such as a sequin bag, or a big sparkly earring, and a silky top?

We loved your layering. What's the secret to getting it right?

Layering is like a puzzle, you need to find the right piece in the perfect colour, material, silhouette that fits the story you want to tell. The secret to layering eveningwear is combining basics with one or two extraordinary key pieces – it could be an embellishment, an opulent silk fabric or just a luxurious cut or silhouette – and then make it all fit together.

Did you keep the modesty movement in mind when styling your looks?

Being a stylist in the region, this comes by default. I believe layering is what makes an outfit fun, and this goes hand in hand with dressing modestly. I want to show that you have so many options when modest dressing, and mastering how to layer items will make it more and more fun to dress up!

"Denim doesn't have to be casual," insists Sam

Sam's top 5 styling hacks

1. Start with a key item, such as a bold-patterned dress, and then build the outfit around it with basics in the right colour group.

2.  I always keep in mind what story I want to tell when styling a woman. If we’re going for a boho look, each item needs to fit into that story – flowy fabrics, autumnal colours, suede fabrics, big round sunglasses, sandals, booties or block heels. If you break the pattern – by, for example, adding a minimal, formal, angular, stiff black bag – you ruin the whole story!

3. When it comes to mixing prints and patterns, the trick is to consider the colours in the print, and combine these with your other items. Don’t be afraid to mix prints, as long as the colours go well together. Try a yellow leopard-print skirt with a purple floral top, or a red and white striped check shirt with a floral skirt.

4. Experiment with ways of new wearing your wardrobe. Note: this only counts for womenswear, as formal menswear has strict rules. Wear a jacket off the shoulder while still closing a button, button a shirt unevenly, or start from the top and keep the bottom button open. Try to rework your pieces and invent fresh ways of styling them.

5. Do you final checks to make it look neat. Make sure your sleeves are rolled up, and the ensemble fits your body shape, even if it means having pieces tailored to achieve the perfect silhouette.

Sam recommends we find new ways to wear our existing wardrobe favourites

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