5 things you need to know about the Ambush x Bulgari collab

Ambush's Creative Director adds a personalised twist on Bulgari's signature historic Serpenti
5 things you need to know about the Ambush x Bulgari collab

Luxury Italian brand Bulgari challenges designers to add their personal touch to its beloved Bulgari collections in its collaborative "Serpenti Though the Eyes Of" series. The result this time? Serpenti Through the Eyes of Ambush - a collab Dubai influencers can't get enough of. Tokyo-based designer and creative director of Ambush, Yoon Ahn, is an experimental jewellery and streetwear designer who has always admired Bulgari for its colours and cutting stones. As someone from a non-traditional jewellery design background, Yoon was ready to dive into this collaboration and add her aesthetic to Bulgari's heritage.

Yoon Ahn, Creative Director of Ambush

1. Yoon Ambush's three biggest inspirations behind the collaboration

Yoon's creative process tends to jump around; some days it comes easy, but other days tend to consist of intense researching. Yoon expressed that inspiration can come in many ways, whether that's by the people she sees, photographers work, or how her cat sleeps at night.

After deciding to take a non-traditional route, Yoon put aside Bulgari's archives and did her own research. Yoon found inspiration from nature's beauty and mystery, specifically from the Tree Python of South East Asia. She was intrigued by the movement, colour, and texture of the snake, and it served as her inspiration for the colour palette and shapes.

2. Fresh, vibrant, unique designs are at the core of Yoon Ambush’s vision

The collection consists of three new styles: the Serpenti shoulder bag, the versatile Serpenti belt bag and the heart-shaped Serpenti Minaudière, alongside a mix of accessories. Each design showcases a fresh take on vibrant hues with unique shapes and everlasting styling techniques.

Yoon included a classic black bag to the collection but took a turn and indulged in vibrant shades of green, blue, and pink. "For this capsule collection, I wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti." Says Yoon.

Ambush x Bulgari Top Handle Bag

3. Everyday luxury is Yoon Ambush's superpower

Nothing feels better than having a multifunctional bag that will take you from day to night, and that's what Yoon focused on when working on Ambush x Bulgari - the importance of taking a bag from a casual day look and instantly transforming it into a night-out piece.

Bulgari's Accessory Unit Managing Director Mireia Lopez Montoya said, "To collaborate with a young, powerful woman like Yoon is for Bulgari an incredibly inspiring experience. The visionary designer has reimagined our icon of glamour Serpenti with her unbridled creative approach achieving an entirely unexpected result."

4. Yoon Ambush focuses on durability in her design process

Designed in Nappa leather, top handled in palladium-plated brass hardware and sealed with a snakehead, Yoon was driven to create a multifunctional, durable and versatile piece (which includes a detachable and adjustable chain).

Yoon believes fashion has the power to transform you instantly. It's a source of self-expression and allows you to feel free. The collection consists of vibrant, bold, unique, and durable everyday luxury styles. The cool designs are the core of the Ambush x Bulgari Capsule Collection. 

5. Dubai influencers can't get enough of Yoon Ambush's designs

Dubai influencers haven't been able to put down their pieces, and we don't blame them! 


Photos: Instagram and supplied