6 memorable moments from the first virtual London Fashion Week

London becomes the first city to reset the fashion calendar
6 memorable moments from the first virtual London Fashion Week
Xander Zhou, Ka Wa Key, and Robyn Lynch all debuted looks at the first digital London Fashion Week

The COVID-19 pandemic expedited the world’s digital evolution and encouraged communities, companies, artists, entertainers and our fast-paced fashion industry to experiment and extend creativity by virtual means as the inevitable decision had been made to cancel highly anticipated events, including fashion weeks worldwide.

Fortunately for us, it’s almost impossible to pull the plug on fashion. The digital fashion week series has begun and had made its debut with London Fashion Week 2020 which launched last week. 

While we at Grazia will miss the physical runway shows, the inspiring street style and the experience of meeting industry icons personally during the events, we've discovered that the ‘new norm’ of fashion week can be just as captivating thanks to the digital experience the British Fashion Council delivered with its latest London Fashion Week 2020, #LFWReset.

Here are a few of our favourite virtual moments:

1. When Robyn Lynch reminded us to be resourceful

The Robyn Lynch capsule collection video displayed and emphasised one of the biggest lessons learned by people across the globe today – We can make do with what we already have.

2. When Ka Wa Key fed our inner child

Ka Wa Key’s ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ was one of our favourite shows to watch from the digital LFW 2020. The unique seven-part production showcases a glimpse of its SS21 collection while combining nostalgic elements from fairytales and nursery rhymes in an eerie composition.

3. When Nicholas Daley conveyed Afrofuturism

Aside from Nicholas Daley’s grunge-esque AW20 collection displayed in The Abstract Truth showcase, here’s where you’ll discover a new genre of sound as the live band performs a combination of psychedelic rock and experimental jazz.

4. When Xander Zhou redefined the future of buying

An extremely well-thought, informative and detailed video displaying the collection of Beijing-based menswear designer Xander Zhou. A computerised voiceover walks us through the designs, the garment fabric compositions, colours and more. Could this be the future of fashion buying and shopping?

5. When Osman Yousefzada shared the dreams of the talented women who make our supply chain clothes

The London-based designer used his platform differently for the first ever digital LFW as he reveals the dreams and voices behind the garments we wear in this powerful documentary, Her Dreams Are Bigger.

“Sometimes she will only wear it for one day,” said a Bangladeshi garment worker featured in the film as she imagines the woman who wears the clothes she makes.

6. When Ahluwalia celebrated mixed cultures

LVMH Prize Finalist, Priya Ahluwalia’s Jalebi, is a beautiful photography project by Laurence Ellis. Book turned 3-D virtual reality, the showcase celebrates her Nigerian-Punjabi heritage and what it means to be a third-culture kid in modern Britain.

Photos: Instagram and YouTube