A sneak peek at the fashion show of the year

Fashion shows may come and go, but it's a rare event indeed when they land bang smack in the middle of a Dubai department store...
A sneak peek at the fashion show of the year

Collared Shirt, Dhs1,070, Paul & Joe Sister. Blue Shirt, Dhs2,435, Dice Kayek. Trouser, Dhs925, Paul & Joe Sister. Bag, Dhs2,010, Les Petits Joueurs. Shoes, Dhs2,200, Alexandre Birman. All available at Robinsons.

Just in case you missed it, Grazia and Robinsons' Spring/ Summer 18 catwalk fashtravaganza not only brought together the great and good of the Dubai style scene, all congregating at Dubai Festival City Mall, but it also taught us a thing or two about a) what constitutes a really good department-store buy, and b) how to layer, layer, layer. We have super-stylist Samantha Francis Baker to thank for that.

Robinsons Department Store - or shall we say, ‘Robinsons Airways’ - was transformed into fashion’s hottest airport, boasting glistening sequins, prints, and runway spotlights. These are just a few of the looks that made a splash, all available right now in store...

Top, Dhs1,190, Sandro. Dress, Dhs985, MO&Co. Jeans, Dhs1,120, IRO. Shoes, Dhs1,845, Alexandre Birman. All available at Robinsons.

Shirt, Dhs765, Maje. Trousers, Dhs2,200, Dice Kayek. Bag, Dhs1,600, Marc Jacobs. Shoes, Dhs1,290, Chie Mihara. All available at Robinsons.

Top, Dhs1,165, Aviu. Dress, Dhs3,495, Mother of Pearl. Shoes, Dhs1,350, Chie Mihara.  All available at Robinsons

Top, Dhs540, Room 24. Jacket, Dhs3,465, Enfold. Trousers, Dhs1,070, Edition 10. Shoes, Dhs695, Kanna. All available at Robinsons

Dress, Dhs1,720, POCA & POCA. Jacket, Dhs1,590, Sandro. Clutch, Dhs3,840, Rafe. Shoes, Dhs910, Paola Fiorenza. All available at Robinsons

Photos: Supplied