All the celebs (and all the details) from inside Chanel's New York Metiers d’Art show

Chanel’s Paris-New York 2018/19 Metiers d’Art collection was an ode to the Land of the Kings – presided over by King Karl himself
All the celebs (and all the details) from inside Chanel's New York Metiers d’Art show
(Cat)walk like an Egyptian

If anyone can draw a crowd on a particularly freezing cold December night in NYC, it would be Chanel. And we’re not just talking any old rent-a-crowd, either. Bedecked in their tweed and pearl-strewn finery, the (very) well-heeled of the fashion and celebrity world climbed their way to the top of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s imposing stone staircase, heading inside after-hours to witness the French behemoth’s latest Métiers d’Art collection, showcased around the edges of The Temple of Dendur. Quite the spectacle. But then, this is Chanel, a house known as much for its outlandishly theatrical sets (rocket ship, anyone?) as its unparalleled savoir-faire.

If the Ancient Egyptian ruins (dating from 10 BC, to be specific) were to be the backdrop, then Karl Lagerfeld slipped into the role of governor without pause. Duly, as is tradition, his devotees flocked to pay their respects at both temples; one a gift to Manhattan from Egypt, and one a gift to the world from Paris.

And Paris was certainly present in spades on the Upper East Side; the first time a fashion show has graced the hallowed wings of The Met in 30 years.

Almost by order of decree, the celebrities came. Perhaps most prominently of these was Pharrell; longtime friend of the house and resplendant on the catwalk in liquid-gold leather, a longline metallic knit and a bejewelled, outsize plastron collar; a modern-day Pharaoh if ever we saw one.

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

He explained, “The collection is hard to put in words, only because it was an original pairing of different inspirations. Mainly Egyptian, but you saw a lot of the Coco Chanel taste palette of hers.” Something we’re sure he’s more than a little familiar with now that his personal collaboration with the house has been announced. We wait with baited breath.

Margot Robbie

Blake Lively

Elsewhere, on the FROW sat a coterie of A-listers the likes of which only Chanel can command; Blake Lively in Haute-Couture sequins, Margot Robbie in black tulle from SS19, Marion Cotillard in a modern take on the classic Chanel skirt suit, and Diane Kruger in floor-length black chiffon.

Julianne Moore and Christy Turlington

Diane Kruger

They rubbed Chanel-draped shoulders with Helena Christensen, Lily-Rose Depp, Christy Turlington, Sofia Coppola, Julianne Moore and Janelle Monáe, who had twisted a Chanel-stamped ribbon into her waist-length braid and finished off her ensemble with a beret.

Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz

Sofia Coppola

Lily-Rose Depp

Veronika Heilbrunner and Caroline de Maigret

Helena Christensen

Julia Goldani Telles

Janelle Monáe

“The knit sweaters with the hieroglyphics and the Chanel symbol interwoven… it was so cool,” Margot Robbie explained of the witty hieroglyph-graffiti hybrid designed by street artist Cyril Kongo that had punctuated the collection.

Penélope Cruz, whose face had graced Manhattan in a series of Chanel adverts in the run-up to the show, gave her verdict, “Very rock’n’roll, very cool, very modern.” 

“You never, ever forget that you’re seeing things that have been made by hand,” Julianne Moore enthused post-show, highlighting what is, at its core, the real magic of Métiers d’Art.

“Egyptian civilisation has always fascinated me: I get inspired by an idea, which I make a reality,” Karl explained of his latest creations. A dream turned real. And where better to do that than in New York?

Digital Editor Olivia Phillips post-show

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel