All the Feels: How Monki’s latest collection is challenging perceptions of mental health

The Swedish fashion house is raising awareness of the challenges that social media has on our mental health
All the Feels: How Monki’s latest collection is challenging perceptions of mental health

Thankfully, the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly beginning to fade and more people are stepping forward and asking for help. Don’t get us wrong, we know there’s still a long way to go, however when big high-street fashion houses such as Monki release a collection that raises awareness on mental health, we know it’s a step in the right direction.

Featuring three social-media influencers who are also mental-health advocates – Emily Bador, model and advocate for body positivity, Elyse Fox, filmmaker, activist and founder of Sad Girls Club, and John Yuyi, who takes social media and turns it into art – the campaign highlights the highs and lows of mental health with interchangeable clothing items, such as scarves, hats and hoodies, that can reflect your mood. Not just about the clothing, the campaign includes the influencers discussing social media and highlighting the effect it has had on their lives, which will surely resonate with most of us who have used social media.

Speaking with Caroline Calryd, Head of Design at Monki, we discussed the design processes, inspirations and the brand's sustainability ethos...

Who is the Monki girl?

Our core customer is a twenty-something woman, but we welcome everyone, regardless of age and gender, to share the Monki experience.

What's key in this season’s collection?

For AW18, we focused on materials such as cord, knits and faux fur. The colours for the campaign see typical autumnal shades such as dark mustard and forest green, but with a plum pink as well.

How has the brand evolved over the past decade?

Since being founded in 2006, Monki has grown steadily and we very much enjoy seeing the #monkistyle community grow as well as being able to meet new customers all over the world. This past year, launching in the Middle East with stores in Kuwait City, Jeddah and Riyadh has been especially exciting for us.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Working on the 10 year anniversary collection in 2016 has been a great experience, as it combined all the Monki DNA design characteristics we are known for – the oversized silhouettes, the bold prints and the playful approach to fashion. But every collection we design at Monki is a highlight, as we always explore new influences and see it styled in different ways. Our latest campaign is also exciting for us.

How is the brand becoming more sustainable?

We work within many different areas to become more sustainable as a brand, from our 100 per cent sustainably sourced cotton, our goal to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, and our global in-store recycling programme. Monki Cares is about being kind to the world and empowering the people in it. We also think it is important to share inspiration on how our fans and community can contribute to a more sustainable world.

You can find out more about All The Feels here.

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