Arwa Al Banawi launches 'The Suitable Woman' with a star-studded music video

Why shoot a fashion campaign when you can make a music video?
Arwa Al Banawi launches 'The Suitable Woman' with a star-studded music video

Saudi- born designer Arwa Al Banawi has enlisted a stellar line-up of 21st century females, including singer Layla Kardan, to help launch her next collection. “The Suitable Woman is the slogan of my label,” Arwa tells Grazia. “It celebrates the woman on the go; a woman who fights for her beliefs and proactively chases her dreams to realise her fullest potential.”

To bring her AW19 woman to life, Arwa enlisted singer and friend of the brand Layla Kardan to pen and perform the intoxicating song, The Suitable Woman. The result is a distinctive piece fuelled by empowering lyrics such as “Burning fire she’s fearless, grinding every day,” and “She’ll blaze and amaze with her intellect and wit, bold in her element, she’s never gonna quit.” 

Jory Al Maiman

Arwa and Layla star in the song’s video alongside influencers Rania Fawaz, Jory Al Maiman and Tamara Al Gabbani, all of whom wear the athleisure-heavy AW19 collection. Think blazers so big they border on parka jackets (as modelled by Jory); print-heavy and hooded overcoats perfect to elevate jeans and a T-shirt (showcased by Layla); and sublime suit jackets soft enough to dress up or down (courtesy of Rania Fawaz). “It’s raw and daring,” explains Arwa.

Tamara Al Gabbani

“All of these ladies are the definition of the suitable woman and I am so pleased to be able to intertwine these powerful women with a powerful message,” Layla tells Grazia. “The Suitable Woman celebrates her beauty as much as her wisdom and grit; she loves fashion and the arts, she is free and fierce, and she never quits.”

Rania Fawaz

Produced by Capital D, the video exhibits the individual characters of each star through dance moves and their choice of style. “Each girl really has a special quality and an empowering female energy that made this video come to life. That’s what it’s all about – showing off our region’s strong, powerful women,” states Arwa. It's also a reminder of the strength and agility found in each one of us.

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