Back to cool: The effortless essentials your kids need to be wearing

What do you get when the summer is over and you pair lots of little ones with Polo Ralph Lauren’s label for kids? You guessed it, a seriously sweet, sun-kissed selection of stylish, back-to-school snaps for the family album. And just in time for the first bell…
Back to cool: The effortless essentials your kids need to be wearing

Change is upon us, as this week marks the new academic year for team tiny. From crisp uniforms, shiny new pens and squeaky clean backpacks, it’s time for children to embark on their newest life chapter – and who better to dress our next generation’s after-hours look than timeless, high-end fashion house Polo Ralph Lauren? Their effortless essentials ensure children always look super smart and luxurious, while still maintaining the comfort and practicality required by children. We don’t want them growing up too quickly, after all. 

Grazia meets with social-media stars Nina Ali and Nayla Abdel Nour at Tania's Teahouse, who share their insight in to balancing life as busy mums. Nina, 39, who is proud mum to Sophia, six, Nour, four and Ayan, two, discusses what it’s really like to have three children so close in age, and reveals why she won’t be adding another pair of tiny feet to her family. Meanwhile Nayla Abdel Nour, 33, who is mum to Kian, five, Kaia, two, opens up about her thoughts on her children growing up in a digital age, adding to her brood and how her mini-mes feel about returning to the school gates. Let’s get class started… 

Nina Ali: "My biggest accomplishment is my children" 
Grazia has got to hand it to Nina Ali. The star is barely back from a 24-hour trip from Austin, Texas, and she’s still all smiles as she enters our Dubai shoot location with her three adorable children. “Having three little ones is non-stop,” Nina smiles. “It’s exhausting and tiring but it is honestly the most rewarding thing. My children are my biggest accomplishment. People think about work as an accomplishment, but to me, this is.” So, did Nina always want three little rays of sunshine? “I knew I always wanted children, but never how many,” she replies. “If I was younger I would have a whole football team, but I need to reserve my energy. It didn’t hit me until after Ayan was born that I had given birth to three children so close in age. I was nursing full time. It was very busy!”
As Sophia, which means wisdom in Arabic, Nour, which means light, and Ayan, meaning gift from God, contentedly play together in the classic designs, Nina adds, “Sophia and Ayan have very similar personalities. They are tough, stubborn, cheeky little monkeys. Nour is quiet and sweet.” And with school just around the corner, how do they feel? “The girls are excited, because they are starting a new school. They are looking forward to it. The only challenge is my son, it will be his first time going full-time to nursery. I have yet to experience what that’s like!”
Nayla Abel Nour: "My kids are growing up far too quickly" 

Nayla Abdel Nour is one impressive lady. As well as raising two children under six, the star works full-time as a Senior Commerical Manager and manages a highly successful social media account. How does she do it?! “To be honest, it’s not easy,” Nayla starts. “It is tough to be a working mum but yo​u get used to it. It’s hectic but I have a plan for every day, so I manage. Your personal life has to come at the end.

How does Nayla feel about Kian and Kaia growing up in a digital age? “I like it and I don’t like it. I didn’t grow up in one and I love to be outdoors. It is better than being at home and on a tablet, but this is modern day life.” Would she like to become a mum again? “I want more children. I don’t know when, but I want one more. I don’t have a preference. In terms of my children’s personalities, they are very different. Kian is shy while Kaia is super independent, and she’s only two! They fight a lot but they do get on. They love each other like crazy, but they do tease each other.” 

When it comes to Polo Ralph Lauren, Nayla tells Grazia it’s an ‘easy fit,’ adding, “I love the brand, for me and the kids. It fits my personality and style – and theirs – because we like a classic, not edgy, look. I choose the children’s outfits as they are still at a young age, although Kian tells me his preferences.” Finally, how do her little ones feel about starting a new academic year? “It’s a lot of fun for Kian, and Kaia is especially excited as she starts nursery. They are growing up far too quickly.”​ 
Photos: Ziga Mihelcic Stylist: Charlotte Henderson  Hair and make-up: Sarah Jane Thompson