Designer Dima Ayad is celebrating inclusive sizing in the best way

"We are one"
Designer Dima Ayad is celebrating inclusive sizing in the best way

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Dubai-based designer Dima Ayad has a proven track record in fostering an inclusive approach when it comes to sizing.

And taking to Instagram, the Grazia Girl Gang ambassador for Body Positivity reminded her followers why fashion is for everyone by showcasing two models wearing the same dress in different sizes.

“Walk this way,” she captioned the short video.

Fresh from showcasing her latest collection at Paris Fashion week, Dima has been posting a series of size inclusive pictures to her Instagram account in recent weeks, and captioned a different yet similarly themed shot with: ‘We are one. Diverse, inclusive and so damn strong!’

Speaking to Grazia in 2018, Dima revealed that she’s always held the opinion that all shapes and sizes should be the norm and not the exception, and that she wished more retailers wouldn’t separate sizes, and in doing so, women.

“I loathe that there are different size categories in fashion stores. Why is it if you’re considered curvy or tall or petite, that you need to go to a separate part of a boutique? It annoys me when brands try to compartmentalise women,” she explained.

And as her campaign shots prove, she really does have a point. 

Images: Instagram