Digital clothing is the most 2019 thing we've ever seen

In an age of influencers where trends change faster than you can say "sock-sneakers", it can be hard to keep up. Enter digital clothing – a solution that aims to not only help our Insta feed, but our planet too
Digital clothing is the most 2019 thing we've ever seen

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends are ever-changing and it seems that nobody is ever caught in the same outfit twice. Norwegian boutique Carlings has noticed the growth of fast-fashion, and have come up with a solution that couldn’t be more perfect for the digital age. They’ve created a digital collection – clothing that’ll be added to your picture to make it look like you’re wearing the item in real life. Stay with us...

Digital clothing. 2018 is wild, isn't it?

Here’s how it works: Choose your product and upload your picture. You then place your order and the designer will ‘dress you’ in your newest piece. That’s it! Just sit back and watch the likes roll in. The items are affordable too, so you can get that piece you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Guilt-free shopping – who’d have thought that was a thing?

Statement pieces that are sure to brighten up your insta

There's actually a deeper, more honourable, and actually pretty smart rationale to all of this, believe it or not. Carlings created this virtual collection to help save our planet and promote sustainability in fashion, aiming to get rid of the throwaway culture that social media has helped create.

Carlings aims to put an end to waste in the fashion industry

Did you know that every second the world wastes the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothes? So, rather than purchasing an item for a photograph and then discarding it, digital dressing means there’s zero waste and you still get your #ootd snap. Carlings also donates all revenue to WaterAid – an international non-profit organisation committed to providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for everyone.

Good for our Instagram and good for the planet? Count us in. There's only one question left to ask. When are we going to see Laila Blue, the Middle East's first virtual influencer, rocking the digital 'I'm not a robot' jumper?

Shop Carlings’ digital collection here.

Photos: Instagram