Dubai-based brand Hiba Jaber’s jewellery collection is all about personalisation

And it sure beats the hell out of monogram
Dubai-based brand Hiba Jaber’s jewellery collection is all about personalisation

Anyone with an internet connection would be able to tell you about the timeless appeal of personalised jewellery.

And if you're not quite convinced, need we remind you of how Hailey Bieber displayed her affection for her husband around her neck, in the shape of a personalised “Wifey” necklace; or how the Duchess of Sussex added a dainty ‘A’ necklace to her jewellery collection following the birth of baby Archie; or better yet, Carrie Bradshaw donned a “Carrie” necklace to (we’d imagine) reference her own iconic self?

Having something personal beats having something flashy (or, as the kids say, trendy) every time.

Because some of us don’t have husbands like Justin Bieber to make personalised jewellery for us, a certain regional jewellery brand has come to the rescue and taken on that immense responsibility.

Launched in 2017 and based in Dubai, Hiba Jaber is a fine jewellery brand that employs a collaborative approach between wearer and designer to create pieces as unique as the women who wear them.

Using 18k gold and set with precious stones, each piece is brought to life by artisans in Dubai. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the pieces are created using traditional jewellery techniques and innovative technologies to deliver jewellery that reflects special stories. 

The process is easy: you select the characters, metal and stones you'd like which will then be designed for you to approve. Once it's been approved, you should receive your bespoke piece in a matter of weeks. One can only imagine the possibilities—and, of course, it’s all just an email inquiry away.

Photos: Instagram