Elie Saab’s new haute couture collection pays tribute to Beirut

The destruction of the Lebanese fashion icon's beloved city was the inspiration behind the collection

Legendary Lebanese designer Elie Saab’s home and atelier were two of the 300,000 properties that were damaged in the catastrophic Beirut blast over one month ago. The fashion icon opened the doors of his Beirut headquarters in 1982 and expressed his sadness following last month’s devastation, "This is a huge setback but we have to be like Beirut – every time dusting itself off and returning to the way it was."

Elie Saab launched his new collection last week and dedicated it to the city of Beirut, naming it ‘Beirut, the Sacred Source' - an ode to the ‘magical spirit of Beirut'.

Making its debut on social media, the couture collection was showcased in a mesmerising forest where models entered through a set of mirrors in delicate, captivating gowns. The label states on its Instagram, “ELIE SAAB calls on the renewing energies of the elements to bring into being an enchanted world that endlessly blossoms and forever blooms”

The label continued “Elie Saab is painting a path onward, a way for his Beirut to shine forward, an ability to dream that gives breath to hope, to a future full of possibilities.” The new collection is truly a work of art that portrays Beirut’s vibrant culture and artistic heritage, and Elie Saab's message provides the hope needed to rebuild the city.

The label goes on to share the thoughtful process and intention behind the collection, “In this whimsical new collection Elie Saab shares with the world, he invokes the SACRED SOURCE; the throbbing life force that allows Beirut to triumph over and over again. He gives breath to a vestiary of beautiful divinities that embody the essences of his most beloved Beirut”

Elie Saab is the latest designer to honour the victims of Beirut with his work - earlier this month Karen Wazen dedicated the profits from Karen Wazen Eyewear to the victims of the blast.

Photos: Instagram