Female photographer Hayat Osamah on why she’s committed to documenting Saudi’s bright future

The 26-year-old is based in Riyadh
Female photographer Hayat Osamah on why she’s committed to documenting Saudi’s bright future

In the digital age, every Gen Zer with a smart phone and an Instagram account can lay claim to being a photographer.

But what sets 26-year-old Hayat Osamah apart is not only her shooting technique (she shuns all the modern conveniences digital cameras have to offer in favour of old school film) but her determination to only document the “raw and real because that’s what I always look for as a subject: for people who are raw, unique and themselves.”

Committed to showing a more diverse side to Saudi, Hayat has launched her own online project, Recent Magazine, as a tool to flip the narrative about her hometown and the people that live in it.

Model Taibah wearing Raneen Bukhar and bisht by Lomar, shot by Hayat

“There’s no publication or magazine that’s really for young creatives here,” Hayat explained to Grazia at the Fashion Futures conference in Riyadh.

“So I started it and it more like a simple thing to give them a start where they can use the platform to send things to me and I’ll publish it.”

The self-taught snapper also shared that she feels a duty to her fellow creatives and hopes that her work will open the door for others and inspire them in their own work.

Hayat's work for Farfetch

“I want them to document, want that to also become their responsibility and not just mine,” she added.

Blazing a trail with her behind-the-scenes documentary style of photography, Hayat has been commissioned by fashion brands Far Fetch and Diesel, but she now wants to focus on a new online project that will help her document the changes currently taking place in the kingdom.

“I want to be remembered, not only as the first one who started, but I want to be remembered as the one who documented my generation in a very good and truthful way and for someone who opened the door for so many people like me,” she added.

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