First look inside Gucci's Sole DXB party with A$AP Rocky

Grazia's on the guest list for the party everyone wanted an invite for

The best-kept secret of Sole DXB 2018 was that Gucci flew in A$AP Rocky to Dubai for an exclusive party and performance.

Guests arrived at the new Gucci flagship store at The Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue luxury extension to be greeted by conceptual performance artists Dear Ribane and a Gucci-clad f(l)ashmob of millennials, turning the shop floor into a dance floor soundtracked with a hip hop playlist courtesy of Sole DXB's most in-demand DJ Basil AlHadi of Karrouhat. 

A$AP Rocky made quite the entrance in a Gucci headscarf and Dubai's best-dressed influencers including Parvané Barret and Cheb Moha were joined by Dev Hynes - better known as Blood Orange - who was on the Sole DXB line-up. 

The Gucci Gang then decamped to D3 and the evening continued with a fire performance from A$AP, wearing a tartan Gucci blanket of dreams, declaring Dubai's favourite weekend officially open.