Here's what your shopping experience will look like after Ramadan

Do you know the new retail rules announced by Dubai Government?
Here's what your shopping experience will look like after Ramadan

After months of efforts, the UAE appears to be flattening the curve against COVID-19. However, we must adjust to a new way of doing business that keeps us safe and allows UAE businesses to open safely when the time is right and follow practical and reasonable guidelines. To achieve this, Stage 1 guidelines have been updated from the Dubai Economy and the following amendments are entering into force for the wholesale and retail trade:

• During Ramadan: Operating hours for malls are set at 10 hours daily, from 12pm to 10pm

• Post-Ramadan: Normal operating hours for malls, recommended weekdays: 10am to 10pm
   and weekends 10 am to 12 pm. Malls to adhere to curfew timings announced by Federal

• Maintain occupancy to 30 per cent common and gross leasable areas. Maintain staffing at 30 per cent. Only 25 per cent of mall parking will be available.

• F&B outlets and food courts keep 30 per cent capacity and ensure 2m social distancing rules. Take-away highly encouraged.

• Elevators are only used by those with special needs at a 30 per cent capacity.

• Categories not allowed to enter the mall includes:
- Children under 12 years old and children of any age-group with medical conditions.
- Elderly above 60 years old.
- Substantial risk individuals with medical conditions of applicable to all age groups.

• No Refund/Return Policy restriction to be removed

• Restriction on sales and promotions lifted

• All changing and fitting rooms can open under following restrictions:
- Customers must wear masks all the time.
- Each customer can try up to five items only in the store.
- Customers to spend maximum 10 minutes in the fitting room.
- Returned items not to be put back on the shelves or used by other customers
- Continuous sterilisation of the fitting rooms to be performed

Photo: 卓倩 李 for Unsplash