Hijabi blogger Noor ElKhaldi gives us an insider's tour of Miami

Counsellor by day, fashion and beauty blogger by night, Floridian hijabi influencer Noor ElKhaldi shows us round her favourite Miami hot spots as part of DXB's Level Shoes' Forever Young campaign...
Hijabi blogger Noor ElKhaldi gives us an insider's tour of Miami
Noor writes 'Heels and Ting' - possibly the greatest blog name of all time

"Curiosity is the fountain of youth," Candice Lake, the photographer behind Level Shoes' Forever Young campaign tells us. "If your mind stays curious and your eyes are hungry to explore, you will certainly be forever young. I love the quote 'The eye must travel so the mind can see'. I think it is important to stay present and curious, put down the phone, step away from the computer. Youth is a state of mind, not an age.”

And where is there with more of a feast for the eyes than Miami? Cultural hotbed, kaleidoscopic dreamscape and home to Noor ElKhaldi (@noore), we asked the blogger behind Heels and Ting for her recommendations...

What do you love about Miami and what do you think makes it special?

Miami has everything; great food, amazing shopping, sublime beaches, beautiful architecture. It’s the perfect balance of luxury and quintessential Florida.

What would you tell a first-time visitor to Miami to see and do?

Definitely go to the beach. Walk around Wynwood and discover beautiful art. Get dinner at Prime 112.

Noor at Mandolin, wearing Aquazzura Sinatra sandals at Level Shoes

Talk us through your hot spots...

A must-eat in Miami is Mandolin near the Design District. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’re on a Greek island, and the food is really good and made with the freshest ingredients. Make sure you order the cheese saganaki to start, and the manti dumplings are amazing.

Speaking of the Design District, tell us about it...

I could honestly walk around the Design District all day. The architecture is insane. It has every luxury store you can imagine, and there are a ton of great places to eat or grab a coffee. OTL is my go-to for all things edible. I love their coffee, but definitely try the basil lemonade. The super-seed butter toast is also one of my favourites on the menu.

Noor wears Gianvito Rossi Vires boots at Level Shoes

Any tips for taking pictures while we're there? 

Visiting Wynwood is a great excuse to take tonnes of photos. It’s really hard not to - every corner is the perfect photo op! At the moment my favourite is the amazing black and white wall on 299 NW 23rd Street. My best tip would be don’t be shy - take lots of pictures! And you’ll never be mad about a low-angle shot that makes you look long and lean and captures more of the art surrounding you!

Which were your favourite pair of shoes from the shoot and why?

The Dries Van Noten crinkled metallic leather block-heel boots. They’re just the kind of boots that instantly make you feel a little more rock'n'roll, which is my absolute favourite vibe. Also the block heel makes walking in them super easy and comfortable.

Noor wears Aquazzura Milano pumps from Level Shoes

What about your favourite pair of shoes of all time?

My Saint Laurent Rock 40 ankle boots are definitely my faves. They go with everything - they’re the perfect Chelsea boot, and again, they have that rock'n'roll feel that I’m really into.

Do you remember your first pair of heels?

The first time I ever wore heels was at my high-school graduation. They were a very simple heeled sandal with an ankle strap - which is crucial when you’re just learning how to walk in heels!

The SS18 theme for Level Shoes is 'Forever Young.' What do you think of when you hear that phrase?

Bob Dylan.

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