How Dubai designers have turned their attention from haute couture to healthcare

Following in the footsteps of Louis Vuitton and Prada, Dubai designers are set to produce over 13,000 medical gowns for the UAE healthcare sector
How Dubai designers have turned their attention from haute couture to healthcare

Maison Yeya has designed a medical gown for the #AThread4Cause initiative

Across the globe, fashion increasingly unites efforts to provide relief for COVID-19. Now, the UAE's designers also switch from haute couture to healthcare, creating surgical attire for the UAE'S healthcare industry.

Dubai's best loved names in fashion recently joined the Arab Fashion Council's #AThread4Cause - an initiative created to united the design community in the face of the global pandemic.

Participating couturiers are Michael Cinco, Maison Yeya and Amato as well as Emirati designer Yara Bin Shakar, Egypt’s Marmar Halim, Arab-American designer Zaid Farouki and women’s clothing retailer Si Fashion.

Khadija Al Bastaki, Executive Director of d3, said: “As the fashion capital of the Middle East, d3 is both humbled and delighted to support #AThread4Cause. With six d3-based designers, we aim to aid the life-saving work of vital medical staff by contributing to the UAE’s stockpile of gowns and facemasks. d3 is well placed to be able to cater to the needs of the local population, as well as export to the rest of the world, heralded by the strong logistics and infrastructure of Dubai.  This will enable #AThread4Cause to quickly receive the PPE carefully produced by highly skilled, luxury fashion designers across the emirate."

d3 will serve as a distribution centre, to store and deliver protection gowns and surgical masks - turning the design community into a strategic hub for personal protective equipment (PPE) made by luxury brands.


Michael Cinco's designs are among those being donated to Dubai hospitals

Michael Cinco and his business partner Sayed Ali said in a joint statement: “In exceptional circumstances such as this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stand together. The future is not bleak and it’s crucial that we provide people with something to believe in. We need to demonstrate the sense of belonging, community spirit and light that only fashion can bring to our world. We are proud to be part of d3’s response to #AThread4Cause and believe it demonstrates the value of fashion and design in Dubai.”

Medical gown pattern making

Yasmine Yeha, founder and Creative Director of Maison Yeya, who worked on the project since the beginning, added: “We are facing an unprecedented situation and we are all in this together. The UAE has worked extremely hard to address the current situation and the creative community stands ready to support these efforts because it’s our duty to stand united against this challenge.”

In order to provide material, d3 has partnered with a Dubai-based Saudi Arabian fabric manufacturer, who will supply over four tonnes of technical fabric.

Although this initiative is a partnership with the Dubai Health Authority, unlike the strained healthcare services in the UK, France and Italy, where catwalk names such as Richard Quinn, Halpern, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, and Prada have been providing gowns to medical workers in need, #AThread4Cause is not a response to shortages of PPE in the UAE.

To enrol in the initiative, companies can apply via

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