How Monki continues to empower women through fashion

Off the back of its All the Feels campaign, Monki continues to strive for female empowerment
How Monki continues to empower women through fashion

A storytelling brand that offers great clothes whilst aiming to be kind to the world and empowering young people seems almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Luckily for us it isn’t, and is something that Monki has been succeeding at since the brand launched in 2006.

If there’s one reason we love Monki, it’s for its personal approach to style that empowers young women. Empowering young people is at the core of the brand, and with the success of their recent All the Feels campaign, it’s very much evident.

With concept stores in over 100 different locations, expressing their story is important to the brand and with so many positive attributes it’s no wonder they love to tell the Monki story – or that we love hearing about it!

Grazia caught up with Catharina Frankander, the Head of Concept at Monki, to find out more... 

How did the brand start?

We started Monki simply because there was no Monki. We believed we could do anything, even create a world of our own. The founders of Monki had an idea for a fashion brand with a personal approach to style that would empower young women. Monki was first launched in Sweden in 2006, and we knew right from the start that we wanted to meet customers all over the world and share the Monki experience. From the beginning, our stores stood out from the regular retail experience and we are now proud to say that we have more than 115 stores in 16 markets.

What is the design concept for Monki store interiors?

Monki stores tell a story: they knit together imagination and mystery, spatial confusion and the surreal to offer whimsical experiences accessible to all. The store experience is a collection of exciting destinations, which we constantly re-design and add new features to. The store design is therefore constantly evolving with each store, always aiming to give the customer an exciting, new and unique shopping experience.

Where do you take inspiration from when designing a new Monki interior?

Monki's interior world is inspired by youth novels, brilliant songs, quirkiness in nature, mesmerising art installations, and fun video clips. We get inspiration from our community and in turn we inspire them. Our design is global, and wherever we go, we pick up influences that we sample and add to our store experience.

Our interiors and windows are all inspired by the idea of a parallel universe – the Monki World. When you enter a Monki store, you step into a part of the enchanted Monki World. Every aspect is designed as an integral piece of the Monki World story, to inspire and excite our customers.

Catharine Frankander, Head of Concept at Monki

How does Monki as a brand help to empower women?

Monki aims to provide women with tools to help them feel good and strong about themselves in every way possible. To be strong and to dare to stand up for what they feel strongly and great about. With our campaigns such as the recent All the Feels campaign, we raise awareness on topics relevant to young women and their community.

We collaborate with young female creatives such as Kiran Gandhi, Elyse Fox, Camilla Engström and Arvida Byström and offer our position and platform as a high street fashion brand because we aim to inspire our customers to find their ways of expressing themselves. That is how we see fashion too: as a way to express yourself.

What’s next for the company?

Monki will continue to connect female empowerment with strong fashion statements, as well as meet Monki customers in new stores around the world! As we have just started our journey in the Middle East with stores opening in Kuwait City, Riyadh and Jeddah this year, we are excited to see where we will meet our Monki fans next!

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