How to be the Best Version of Yourself by Victoria Beckham

For all our Grazia girls looking to dream big, smash through the glass ceiling and defy the odds, then listen up to ultimate #girlboss. During World of Fashion 2019 at Mall of Emirates, the popstar, fashion designer, beauty mogul, wife and mother revealed a few home truths
How to be  the Best Version of Yourself by Victoria Beckham

Build your #girlgang
There’s room for everybody and I have so much respect for anybody that’s just doing what they love and has the courage to believe in themselves and is following their dreams. It’s about accepting who we are, celebrating who we are and supporting each other as women, as mothers and as entrepreneurs. I love supporting my community and colleagues – they all inspire me.

Sophisticated style speaks volumes
I don’t dress in a particularly ‘showy’ way, and I think that is quite aligned with how women in the Middle East dress. It’s chic and a little conservative – it’s inspiring being here and looking around, I can really relate to my regional customer. The style here is flattering and beautiful.

Always indulge in colour
It’s true that I used to wear a lot of black, but more recently I’ve started to wear a lot of colour, and honestly, I think it’s so flattering, and I love how happy it makes me feel! Colour is definitely key for the Victoria Beckham brand – I take the palette and mix it together in unexpected ways. Think: colours that you wouldn’t normally put together – that can at times feel quite wrong – but actually, together, they feel very fresh.

Ignore the haters
I was pretty aware of people’s preconceptions – I was a popstar married to a footballer and I was going into a very different industry. But, for me, it was never about proving anything to anybody other than myself.

No regrets
I’ve worn PVC, and I’m not afraid to say it, but I’ve also worn some spicy outfits, very spicy! But I look back at those pictures and I see a smile. It’s been a journey, it’s made me who I am. In fact, I did a photoshoot not too long ago and wore my Vera Wang wedding dress teamed with a pearl corset, which was quite fantastic. We had such a great time [at our wedding], we really did enjoy ourselves. If we were to do it again, we’d have a very, very small wedding with family and friends. We’d be disappointed if we didn’t have the thrones though!

Be kind to your skin
I feel very passionate about my recently launched beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty, because as someone who loves makeup, I knew that there were a lot of dangerous toxins that went into makeup. I wanted products that are kind – kind to our faces but also kind to the environment and the planet.

Victoria Beckham AW19

Embrace the digital world
I had an e-con site before I had any stores and I always enjoyed engaging directly with my customers through social media – it really is key for me. When launching my beauty line this year, I decided to go direct to consumer so that the only way they can buy is through This way I can control the experience from start to finish, and I can learn about my customer and give her whatever she wants, whether it’s beauty or fashion.

Use social media to speak your truth
I love what I do, but before social media came around, society had an impression of me through the picture that was painted by the media. The reality was very different, and I used social media to prove who I really was.

‘Girl power’ will never go out of style
From the start, it was about ‘girl power’, but not just girls; [it’s about] empowering people in general and celebrating who they are. It’s OK to be different and celebrated and it’s the same message now. It’s OK to be the underdog; I was the underdog growing up.

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