How to do pregnancy dressing when it's hotter than the sun

Bit hot, no? Let alone when you're carrying around a small human. Panic not: here's our guide to styling a bump in the heat...
How to do pregnancy dressing when it's hotter than the sun

Most pregnant ladies get the memo about living in the UAE in the summer, and leave. If you missed said memo and are currently desperately avoiding feeling like you’re a life-sized baked potato in this heat, we have the perfect styling tips to get you through...

1. Daily staple: The dress

We are so blessed to live in the sunshine and not have to layer a bump, or squeeze into maternity jeans. We can wear dresses all day, every day - so that’s exactly what we suggest you do.

2. Billowing is best

The bigger the better! Anything that starts above the bust and skims the knee as a midi is the perfect pregnancy dress. The more material, the better. Order one size up from your pre-pregnancy size to really enjoy the big is best effect.

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3. Jumpsuit comfort

Not far behind the daily-staple dress is the jumpsuit. Invest in a loose, wide-legged version for comfort and ease. Perfect for low-energy days (a regular thing on the pregnancy scene). Dress it up with statement earrings and heels or choose a culotte-style cut and pair with sneakers for overall (no pun intended) effortlessness.

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4. Avoid silk at all costs

Silk is literally the worst material to wear in this heat, especially while pregnant. Take it from someone who knows, when pregnant you are already extra muggy (thank you hormones and increased blood flow), and what you don’t want is sweat stains on silk. Never a good look.

5. Swimsuit style

In the sandpit we're also very lucky our weekends can be consistenly bikini clad. Complement a chic swimsuit with an oversized sun hat, or a bikini with a statement kaftan to feel the super-stylish mama-to-be you are.

6. Flat out

You may find your feet are expanding in the heat (RIP ankles) and that you're struggling to squeeze your feet into heels. Pair that daily-staple dress we’ve mentioned with statement flats or sneakers.

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