Iris Van Herpen's Fall Couture Collection blurs the line between fashion and sculpture

Prepare to be entranced by Iris Van Herpen's hypnotic masterpieces

Iris Van Herpen is the technological genius of fashion designers, and by taking advantage of 3D printing she has managed to push fashion to its limits. The result? Breath-taking and intricate dresses that are an amalgamation of craftsmanship and innovation. She was inspired by visual hypnosis, through the discovery of Anthony Howe's kinetic sculptures, so a collaboration was an obvious next step. Both Van Herpen's garments and Howe's sculptures move in such a rhythmic and, indeed, hypnotic manner. Van Herpen was able to visualise the 'symbiotic cycles of our biosphere' through silk moiré weaving, multi-layering, a Japanese ink-on-water technique called ‘Suminagashi’, laser- printing, heat-bonding and lasercutting. 

Her designs have been spotted on countless celebrities: Katy Perry, Gwendoline Christie, Björk, Cate Blanchett and Céline Dion being the most recent. Van Herpen is the one and only material mage!

Photos: Instagram