Jimmy Choo has released heated boots you control with your smartphone

...and Nike and Puma have just got involved, too
Jimmy Choo has released heated boots you control with your smartphone

Some of us (*cough*) are children of the '80s, which means it's physically impossible for us to talk about futuristic footwear without dreamily referencing Marty McFly's self-lacing Nike Mags from Back to the Future II. The 2019 answer to these, however, are Jimmy Choo's Voyager boots, designed with a heated in-sole that you can control via an app on your phone. No, really.


If this is the future, we're so on board. And to be honest, we're not even fully sure we need snow on the ground to get involved. Office AC is quite enough to warrant toasty soles - and the Voyager boots allow you to set them anywhere from 25 to 45 degrees via the app, where they then last up to 8 hours. 

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This isn't a first for app-controlled fashion items, however. We explored ChroMorphus technology last year, with the innovation of fabrics that could change colour and patterns via a tap on your iPhone, and now in addition to Jimmy Choo's foray into footwear from the future, Nike and Puma have also thrown their baseball caps in the ring.

Firstly, say hello to Nike's Adapt BB - on sale from 17 February for around Dhs1,285 - a shoe that has been sent out into the world with the hope of making regular shoelaces feel, well... a bit silly and redundant, really. Fitted with a 'lace engine', the fit can be adjusted remotely by an app that can remember different lacing tensions, but will also be able to do this automatically. Psychic shoes. What a time to be alive.

Not sold? “Over the course of a basketball game, the foot can expand almost a half-size during play. A level of fit that feels comfortable at one point might feel constrictive just 24 minutes later,” the brand said in a statement, the consensus being that this tension change will improve athletes' performance. More importantly, this could also be a meaningful progression for tech when it comes to those who struggle to tie their laces unaided.

Enter Puma, stage left. The German-based sportswear behemoth has just announced its Fi self-lacing trainer (Fi standing for Fit Intelligence). Out in 2020 but being beta tested as we speak, these won't automatically lace but will rely on Puma's smartphone app to power a cable system connected to a micromotor in the shoes themselves.

Who needs hoverboards, eh?

Buy the Jimmy Choo Voyager boots, starting from Dhs6,700, here.

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