Magrabi by numbers: 5 things you didn’t know about the epic Arabian Eye campaign

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Magrabi by numbers: 5 things you didn’t know about the epic Arabian Eye campaign

Mabrook to Magrabi for the influencer campaign of 2019. The leader in vision care and eyewear throughout the Middle East has gathered six social media stars - Salma Abu Deif, Hala, Leena al Ghouti, Muhanned Al Hamdy, Mr. Moudz, Abdulla Al Abdulla – for a cinematic celebration of Arab identity and a simultaneous statement about social reform in the region.

Through a soul-stirring mix of art, music, poetry and performance, according to Magrabi, the 60-second video is “a celebration of Arab Identity for the beautifully diverse Arabs of the world. It’s a call to empower our vision of a progressive Arabia that cherishes its common values and heritage and embraces the new world of today.”

Here are the messages you may have missed…

1. The campaign explores the ideology of Al Ourouba which encompasses the very essence of Arab values, heritage and culture to present one empowered vision of Arabia.

2. The cast is made up of diverse skin tones and hair textures representing Arabs from Morocco, to Egypt, the Levant and the Arab Peninsula, showing strength in unity.

3.  Juxtaposing horses and off-road vehicles represents the past and the present - a symbol of respecting the past, and driving change for the future.

4. Showing women the driving seat is a clear signal of equality and an empowered vision of the future.

5. The campaign also includes a CSR initiative called Vision for All With every pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses you buy, MAGRABi will donate an optical frame to children and the elderly in need.

The Arabian Eye campaign by numbers

6 influencers
125-strong cast
2-day shoot
95-strong crew
190 original outfits and accessories created for the campaign
98 km travelled to get to the town of Hermel in Lebanon where the campaign was filmed
30 pairs of Magrabi spectacles
65 pairs of Magrabi sunglasses
73 outfit changes

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