Meet the jewellery brand inspired by Dubai's "dream big, work hard" mentality

Accessories with meaning
Meet the jewellery brand inspired by Dubai's "dream big, work hard" mentality

If you've been looking for an affordable fine jewelry line with meaning, look no further than Dubai-based Lynor.

Derived from the name Eleanor which means "light", Founder Edward Kandaleft aims to bring a message of hope and enlightenment with each of his delicate designs.

Speaking to Grazia Middle East, Edward who is a third-generation jeweller, shared his motivation to start the line, and why basing it in Dubai was integral to its meaning. 

Can you tell me more about your decision to base Lynor in Dubai?

Dubai is my main source of motivation; I grew up here seeing projects transforming from dreams into reality. I witnessed the birth and growth of industries, with rapid and continuous transformations in all sectors and at all levels. Dubai taught me to dream big and work hard. Considering the unlimited growth potential in one of the world’s biggest and strongest jewellery markets, I cannot think of a better place to start a new project or brand.

Who or what inspires your designs?

My designs are inspired by the elements, the shapes and the textures of classical and traditional jewelry. It is the gold coins that grandmas collected, the playful anklets and bracelets, as well as the timeless and versatile pendants that I try to capture that in my jewelelry collections. Within my classical pieces, I have integrated elements, illustrations, colours and designs that carry the inspirational, meaningful, and playful ideas that people can connect with. My goal is to design everyday jewellery pieces that bring sense of confidence and joy to the wearer. Pieces that are timeless, durable and can be passed on through generations.

Do you design with a specific woman in mind?

My customer is the everyday woman who loves to finish her outfit with simple but beautiful accessories. From mothers to young career girls, Lynor is perfect to empower the confident, modern woman from every culture and background. During the day while she is hard at work, she looks down at her bracelet, or holds her necklace and is reminded of the message of hope and positivity.

Your price points are very affordable. Is this something you were conscious of when launching the brand?

Making luxury accessible is one of my main goals for Lynor. Providing affordable yet beautiful and trendy jewellery is a main priority for me. In Arab and Eastern traditions, buying gold jewelry is not limited to any demographic. Arabs have always purchased and collected gold jewelry; they use their savings to buy gold jewellery, regardless of their income level. My goal with Lynor is to maintain and celebrate this tradition, by providing creatively designed functional, fine jewelry at a modest price.

Do you think sustainability has inspired consumers to shift their focus to quality jewellery pieces instead of buying lots of cheap costume jewellery?

Yes, absolutely. The modern customers are taking more conscious decisions and shifting their interest from buying multiple pieces to buying more durable items. I have learned that people want jewellery that has a long life. I believe that fine jewellery can serve both purposes, providing the trendy and fashionable, yet timeless in design and durable in quality and material. However, I do believe that jewellery companies can still do way better in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This can be done in the way they source their materials, produce their products, and manage their employee and community well-being. At the start of my company, this is one of my key goals: to ensure that the materials we use are ethically sourced and that the people involved are highly-motivated when they create Lynor’s durable products.

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