Meet the modest fashion brand rewriting the narrative for Gen-Z Muslims

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Meet the modest fashion brand rewriting the narrative for Gen-Z Muslims

While modest fashion has undoubtedly been gaining traction globally, for many younger Muslim women, mainstream trends have continued to evade them.

But one brand hoping to change that is Modestwist, a new UK-based label launching this spring.

Founder Annabel John was motivated to create modest, trend-driven pieces as she felt there was a gap in the market for fashion conscious Gen-Z consumers who wanted to tap into the latest trends while still staying true to their Muslim faith.

“Muslim millennials between the ages 16-28, this new generation of Muslim consumers, are expressing themselves through fashion. They are constantly redefining the modest fashion narrative and showcasing that fashion and faith can merge,” Annabel tells Grazia.

“This specific consumer group want the same access to affordable fashion as conventional shoppers and Modestwist aims to provide this. There is more to modest fashion than just abayas, kaftans and traditional Islamic wear. Being Muslim isn’t a requirement to dress modestly and this allows our brand to be more diverse and inclusive.”

And while the campaign imagery is very streetwear focused, she shared that the forthcoming collection will stock everyday essentials, eveningwear, co-ords and accessories.

“Our main goal is to provide the very latest in modest apparel all seasons long and eliminate the pain point of Muslim consumers having to shop countless stores in order to find clothing. Our long term vision is to become a multi-channel brand in order to allow Muslim girls across the globe to have access to our clothing," she continues.

“We are slowly starting to see Muslims at the forefront of fashion which is phenomenal. Whilst the modest fashion industry still has a long way to go, I think in time this will change as we start to see the emergence of modest brands.”

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