Nike is making waves with its new range of high performance burkinis

The brand wants to encourage more Muslim women to discover the joy of sport
Nike is making waves with its new range of high performance burkinis

Following on from the success of its Pro Hijab range, Nike has launched a modest swimwear collection, specifically with Muslim women in mind.

But what sets Nike’s Victory Swim Collection apart is that it has been designed to not just conceal, but perform.

Named The Victory Suit, the item which is comprised of a loose, tunic style hoody and trousers, is made up of nylon and spandex and has been designed so it won’t billow around its wearer is submerged in water, giving full range of motion.

Nouf Alosaimi

The collection also features separate options, the Nike Victory Swim Hijab, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings, and both the swimsuit and tunic have been designed with a built-in sports bra. 

It has also been constructed from warp-knit fabric making it lightweight, breathable and quick-drying, plus it offers head-to-toe UPF 40+ sun protection both in and out of the water. 

Nouf Alosaimi, Saudi Arabia’s first female technical diver, believes that the Nike Victory Swim Collection can help bring more women into water-based activities.

Arina Wira

“Most of the girls I meet are reluctant to swim or scuba dive because of their modesty preferences and they find it difficult finding the right modest solution. I believe this suit will cater for many of the women who wish to perform water sports without any reservations as its truly serves the purpose of modesty as the fit is loose," she explains.

"Now, I can invite more girls into diving and swimming as they will be able to enjoy the sport without any concerns."

“The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” adds Martha Moore, Nike Creative Director, VP.

“As we continue broadening our vision for innovation, we’re excited to inspire more women to see themselves in sport by thinking creatively and designing inclusively. To us, Nike Victory Swim Collection shows the power of innovation to invite all women to discover the joy of sport.”

  • The collection which will be available to buy online and from select retailers launches February 1, 2020. Visit for more information.

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