Paris and palm trees are the fashion power couple we never knew we needed

Paris is always a good idea. Maje's Paris Under the Palm Trees print? An even better one. We spoke to the brand's Founder and Artistic Director, Judith Milgrom, about this whimsical new take on fashion sans frontières
Paris and palm trees are the fashion power couple we never knew we needed

You’re a true Parisian and this collection is dedicated to a fantasy side of the city... what are your three favourite Parisian spots and why?

"I like to go for walks at the weekend at Les Jardins du Luxembourg where you feel like you're in the countryside but are actually in the heart of the city. I also love searching for antiques; my favourite spot is Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, located in a nearby Parisian suburb where you can find vintage furniture from the early 20th century and from the '40s and '50s. I take most of my inspiration from the street - from women I see walking around - so that always draws me to another of my favourite spots, Café de Flore. Its terrace is ideally located in Saint-Germain des Prés."

How about your three fave palm tree filled spots around the world?

"Palm trees remind me of my childhood in Morocco so I would say the palm trees in Rabbat where I was born. I often travel to Thailand in winter to take a break and catch some sun in Phuket; Choeng Thale to be precise, where the palm trees are very high. Last but not least, we shot several of our summer ad campaigns in Los Angeles because of their perfect November weather. Every time I land, I’m still amazed by the palm trees in Hollywood but the sad thing is that they're disappearing. LA won’t be as magic without palm trees."

Icena Pyjama-style shirt, Dhs895

Rasane Layered shirt dress, Dhs995

Imagination played a huge role in this collection. What else would you will into being in Paris that would make it even better than it already is?

"I’d like more sun in the city! That’s why the SS19 collection is inspired by a Paris that has lots of yellow touches."

We read that your heart is in a few places... where are these? And how much has your nomadic heart has impacted Maje as a brand?

"Paris of course, but also Morocco where my roots are. But above all, I’d say that my imagination can drive me everywhere; that’s how I can escape... I don’t need to travel physically, travels can be imagined in your mind. I remember that when I was a child, we didn’t travel abroad with my parents so I was always a dreamy girl with lots of imagination."

Maje's Founder and Artistic Director, Judith Milgrom

Japomy Pleated midi skirt, Dhs995

Iscene Printed shorts, Dhs650

What makes one a true Parisian?

"I’d say that a true Parisian knows how lucky they are to live in the most beautiful city in the world."

Tell us the story behind the illustrations...

"I was thinking about the SS19 collection before we moved into the new HQ and imagined myself in my new office where I have an amazing view of Le Louvre’s gardens. Then I asked my team to do some research on all monuments that represent the beauty of the city and we imagined a fantasised Paris, filled with palm trees but also with a vintage bicycle and a surfer on her board."

Rapomi Button-up shirt dress, Dhs1,430

The Romila dress - Judith's favourite - Dhs1,430

What’s your favourite piece from this collection and also from Maje over its 21-year tenure?

"There are lots of pieces I love in the collection. There’s a shirt dress that is very elegant and looks a bit vintage featuring the Paris print that I like very much. But to answer your second question, I’m not really a person who looks behind, I’d rather dream of my best future. So I’d answer that the best Maje pieces are still to be designed and I’m pretty sure those will come very soon."

The original illustrations

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