Pyjama Party: How Fashion Director Jade Chilton has made fashion's comfiest trend her secret style weapon

If she’s leaving the house this season it will be in PJs only, albeit a chic pair
Pyjama Party: How Fashion Director Jade Chilton has made fashion's comfiest trend her secret style weapon

I'm a sucker for a pair of pyjamas. Usually the fulllength variety in crisp white cotton is the order of the evening, but to be honest, I get the same amount of joy from a strappy cami-set and – dare I say it – my beloved floral flannel pair, that make a welcome appearance every winter when I make my pilgrimage to the UK for the Christmas break. I’m the girl who pops on her PJs as soon as she’s finished work for the day. Bra off, hair up and loungewear on. So you can imagine my delight when the fashion world turned nightwear upside down and decided it was an acceptable choice to pile on the PJs out of the house to party.

My first outing with my sleepwear as streetwear was for an awards party last year, the black-tie kind where you would usually find me trussed up in tulle, having applied fake tan to my pasty limbs the night before, while figuring out how I can wear underwear without it being revealed. But on the most recent occasion, I was a nursing mother, so wearing a bra was mandatory and the smell of bronze from a bottle made my baby cry, leaving me with limited choice. I needed something comfy that hid all my post-partum lumps and bumps, something that required zero prep, yet left me feeling every bit as fashion-y as the next girl.

Sleeper, Dhs1,040 

Enter Osman’s oversized nude satin pyjamas. They skimmed my silhouette, hid a multitude of sins and hung so low on the hem that I could disguise my comfy shoes. Here I was, ready to wear pyjamas publicly, and it felt good.

Then Sleeper came along on my feed, a cult brand hailing from Ukraine designed by two fashion editors who dreamt up the idea of ‘walking sleepwear’. When their dreams became reality, the line was received with such gusto that they fast became an A-list favourite with their marabou-trimmed sets and linen dresses that could be classed as a nightgown or beach dress, whichever you preferred. This year they launched a bridal collection to be worn in and out of the bedroom, for the more effortless bride.

Meng at Net-a-Porter, Dhs3,590

Another brand that has revolutionised pyjamas and introduced us to a whimsical world of sumptuous velvets and silks in ornate wallpaper prints not to be hidden away indoors, is For Restless Sleepers (F.R.S). Slip dresses left the bedroom back in the ’90s, so it was only fair that we allowed our long-legged friends out to party too. Just ensure they are remarkably chic – that Minnie Mouse jersey set is best kept for your eyes only – and when in doubt opt for black, although an alluring head-to-toe print will confirm you did indeed plan to leave the house in nightclothes.

Since becoming a mother, and perhaps – cough – having reached the grand old age of 33, I want and need an easy wardrobe that’s as stylish as it is comfortable, and it seems the pyjama-party look might just be what the lazy girl in me is searching for.

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