Here's what Dubai's most compelling creators have been wearing at home. And it's not what you think

Who needs Paris Couture Week?
Here's what Dubai's most compelling creators have been wearing at home. And it's not what you think

Parvané Barret for Rami Al Ali's 'Creators At Home' campaign

As the days seem to continously blur with no apparent distinction, Rami Al Ali, Syrian-born Dubai-based couturier and Grazia's Quarantine Chronicles guest, has a solution. He invited asked Dubai's beloved artists to don his latest Spring/Summer 2020 Couture collection... replacing the photo studio with their front rooms. 

Wearing luxurious gowns in the backdrop of their homes is in some ways, very freeing: it's not about painting a reflection of real life, but rather about creating an impression of a fleeting moment - escaping into a safe haven of beauty and hope - a fashion's retrat, if you will: "I wanted to show that fashion has a very positive impact on us and could very hopeful, even in difficult situations," offers Rami.

The designer's intent for the creatives was to foster exploring in the restraints of being at home: "I have been following those artists for a while, and they represent a new wave of modern creators. I wanted to see in their own lenses what would be the new cool and see how they could reimagine couture gowns," he continues.

Here's what the Parvanné Barret and Lana Albeik thought of the experience: 

Parvané Barret

Parvané Barret, Dubai-based French Persian DJ
"As easy as it is to perceive this situation as negative, it is also interesting to see what you can do with the resources that are around you. My house has always been just my house, yet now, I did an entire shoot in the corners of my living room; somewhere that I spend most of my time in everyday has now become a place for me to create. Even during times like these, you can still tell your story and express yourself through creativity. It just demands more from your imagination."

Lana Albeik

Lana Albeik, Syrian-Palestinian model based in Dubai

"A magical twist to quarantining at home. Putting this on and getting my makeup done made me feel like a fairy even though I had nowhere to go. Being able to still do fun creative work from home is a privilege, especially with Rami Al Ali."

Photos: Supplied