Step into the Salvatore Ferragamo universe with the new podcast Shoemaker of Dreams

An illustrious roll call of narrators from Jessica Alba to Caroline Issa bring the story to life
Step into the Salvatore Ferragamo universe with the new podcast Shoemaker of Dreams

Salvatore Ferragamo counted Audrey Hepburn among his celebrity clients

Salvatore Ferragamo may have passed away 60 years ago, but his legacy remains very much alive. The Italian heritage house will be releasing its very own podcast series called Shoemaker of Dreams to honour the his legacy.

The innovative designer had always dreamt of becoming a shoemaker, as a child, he would spend hours watching local shoemakers at work - although his father never approved. In Binito a small community where Ferragamo was born and raised, the shoe industry was looked down upon but with all the odds facing him, he never lost hope.

Ferragamo’s podcast series is broken down into 22 chapters and based on Ferragamo’s memoir that was first recorded by Ferragamo himself and transcribed into a book. Each chapter will be heard through the voices of brand friends, actors, journalists and Hollywood stars. Voices like Stanley Tucci, Dylan Jones, Jessica Alba, Marina De Tavira and many more.

The heartfelt autobiography will explore, unreleased moments in the late founder’s life, taking us from his upbringing in Italy to Hollywood and back. The podcast will bring you closer to the designer in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Recently, the Salvatore Ferragamo team had launched a trivia on social media with hopes to educate readers on the crucial steps Ferragamo took in his life. Now onto a podcast and for the grand finale a release of the designers’ documentary about Ferragamo’s life directed by the famous Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino.

Ferragamo’s autobiography will also be republished with a new cover to mark the occasion. The podcast series is now available on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes

Take a closer look at the series’ index below:

Sinéad Burke, Chapter I: Little White Shoes

Stanley Tucci, Chapter II: Expert with Shoes and Babies

Penny Martin, Chapter III: Hanger in Naples

Michelle Monaghan, Chapter IV: A Shop of My Own

Simone Marchetti, Chapter V: No Machines for Salvatore

Tamu McPherson, Chapter VI: Film Stars and Styles

Dylan Jones, Chapter VII: The Search for a Secret

Valeria Golino, Chapter VIII: The Shoe That Fits

Jo Ellison, Chapter IX: Ashes of Happiness

Caroline Rush, Chapter X: Days in Hollywood

Colleen Atwood, Chapter XI: The Impossible Scheme

Olivia Sui + Sam Lerner, Chapter XII: Into the Depths

Hero Fiennes, Chapter XIII: The Unrelenting Climb

Caroline Issa, Chapter  XIV: Steel, Cork and Transparent Paper

Caitriona Balfe, Chapter XV: Palace and Villa

Carlo Sestini, Chapter XVI: The Healing Shoes

Marina De Tavira, Chapter XVII: How to buy Shoes and walk well

Isabella Rossellini, Chapter XIX: Feet and the Famous

Sandy Powell, Chapter XX: Beauty: Today and Yesterday

Suzy Menkes, Chapter XXI: Silks, Jewels and curious Beasts

Jessica Alba, Chapter XXII: The Challenge of the Future

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