Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for these Dubai based brands...

Saving the planet one swimsuit at a time
Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for these Dubai based brands...

You can hardly open a magazine, let alone go near social media these days without having the word "sustainability" screamed at you left right and centre. Along with body positivity, it's just about the biggest branding buzzword right now. But, much like body positivity, it's so SO much more than a publicity tool.

We humans have a history of destroying things and it's now (almost) universally accepted that one of those things is the planet we live on. From the industrial revolution to conspicuous consumption, what benefits some inevitably negatively impacts others. Thankfully though, we are collectively starting to accept the impact of our actions and take action to amend them. Fashion has historically been one of the biggest carbon producing culprits and accounted for vast amounts of vaste and highly unethical treatment of those who produce the clothes we all enjoy. At long last though, the industry is beginning to take some accountability. While things a long, long way from perfect there are an incresing number of environmentally and socially conscious brands who are driving real change all over the world, including here in Dubai.

All Things Mochi

All Things Mochi sustainability

I'm sure you've heard of All Things Mochi. If not, where have you been for the past 6 years!? Using sustainable fabrics and supporting communities across the world through having their collections produced exclusively by local artisans, Ayah Tabari's label is proof that success and sustainability are far from mutually exclusive. 

Léa The Label

Lea The Label sustainability

Lebanese born designer, Lea Daaboul lived in Boston, Rome, Paris and New York before settling in Dubai. Her travels not only enriched Lea's design aesthetic but made Lea acutely aware of the industry's proclivity for waste. As a result, sustainability lies at the core of her eponymous swimwear brand. Every Léa The Label piece is made from eco-friendly fabric sourced in Italy and all packaging is 100 per cent plastic free. Oh and let's not forget, the designs are sublime. 

George's of Dubai

George's of Dubai sustainability

Founded by Australian interior designer, Georgina Trigg, George's of Dubai is an ethically sourced emproium selling everything from eco-friendly house cleaners to handmade, sustainable lip balm and beautifully cut clothing. A Grazia favourite is Ayam Africa jewellery, which is entirely made by artisans in Nairobi with each piece taking inspiration from different African cultures. The brand also supports the local community through utilising fair trade principals that allow employees to earn a living wage, and work in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.


yApparel sustainability

After noticing a significant lack of high-quality, ethically-created yoga wear in the Dubai, Dina Ghandour decided to start a brand of her own. Launched in 2014, yApparel is the UAE’s first multi-brand boutique specialising in yoga apparel and accessories. The company currently stocks small brands from around the globe, all with a basis in sustainability and social responsibility. We're loving JadeYoga, an eco-friendly, family-run business that uses only natural rubber to create their products, and plants a tree for every mat sold.

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