Sustainable fashion was at the forefront of Arab Fashion Week

Incredible designs all using recycled materials were talk of the town
Sustainable fashion was at the forefront of Arab Fashion Week

Arab Fashion Week just concluded this edition in its new custom-built home 1422. Beginning on October 9, and continuing until October 13, the ultra-stylish fashion event attracted the best and brightest in the region.

The fashion extravaganza hosted the likes of Charbel Zoe, Rami Kadi, Dhruv Kapoor and many more. Throughout the week, there were catwalk shows, networking and celebrations of Arabic fashion talent and a very cool Comfort Arabia activation.

Based on the ethos of #LongLiveClothes, Comfort wanted to showcase a sustainability element through upcycling.  The brand partnered with the FAD (Dubai Fashion Institute) to upcycle clothes, including old denim, to create new designer pieces - and the results were spectacular. 


Comfort's campaign, #LongLiveClothes, is about encouraging people to preserve their clothes for longer. Clothing is a part of our culture, identity, memories and how we feel and Comfort knows that. The campaign inspired the Green Label Initiative at Arab Fashion Week, with the Dubai Fashion Institute students showcasing the sustainable collection of upcycled clothing and fabrics.

There were also giveaways; many happy attendees got t-shirts designed especially by students of the FAD Institute, in partnership with Comfort Arabia. The t-shirts are printed on organic cotton - and the brand helped recycle bottles at the stand as part of its sustainability initiative.

Comfort Arabia 

Comfort brings to life the idea that clothes are more than just fabric, they represent our culture, identity, memories and how we feel. And because clothes are timeless, Comfort encourages people to preserve their clothes for longer by changing the way we care and dispose our clothes. Through the collaboration with FAD institute under the platform of #LongLiveClothes, Comfort supports emerging talent as well as ideas that reinvent fashion experiences for a longer clothes cycle. As part of Arab Fashion Week’s Green Label Initiative, and supported by Comfort Arabia, Dubai Fashion Institute Students showcased a sustainable collection that was conceived using worn denim, presenting up-cycling fashion in a strong and trendy way.

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