Thanks to J-Lo, this Egyptian designer is going global, and it's not the only one

Star power can play the crucial role in establishing a brand, as these Middle East-based labels prove

When it comes to high-octane glam, few do it better than the one and only Jennifer Lopez. Given Jenny from the block's penchant for serving serious sequins, it's no wonder she's a huge fan of Middle Eastern brands like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. But it's not just the big names she favours. Performing in Egypt earlier this month Jennifer Lopez opted for local label, Nagwa Zahran.

Nagwa Zahran Jennifer Lopez

Nagwa Zahran with Jennifer Lopez

While well known in the region, Nagwa Zahram isn't exactly a major player in the international luxury market... Or at least, it wasn't... Until now. Thanks to the one and only J-Lo choosing don Zagwa's design for her first ever performance in Egypt, Nagwa's soon-to-be iconic bedazzled burgundy ensemble is all over the internet. And, as we've seen time and again, celebrity endorsement translates into three very important S's... Namely, status, success and sales. 

As Nagwa herself rightfully said, "I couldn't be prouder to be the first Egyptian designer to dress this boss lady."

Let's take a look at a few other Middle Eastern labels we love that have garnered the attention, acclaim and clientele that they undeniably deserved all along thanks to their famous fans...

Amina Muaddi

To say we're Amina Muaddi fans here at Grazia would be an understatement of ridiculus proportion. Her epic, architectural heels have starred as our "Shoe of the day" more times than we can be bothered to count. But their prevalence is with good reason, and the like of Rihanna, Kendall Jener, Queen Rania of Jordan and Priyanka Chopra agree. As Amina herself admits, her famouns fan-girls have played an instrumental role in taking the label from social media start-up to internationally sold-out... And the wait-list for next season is stacking up as we speak. 

Nathalie Trad

If you haven't heard of Nathlaie Trad then frankly, WTAF? The Dubai-based handbag designers' achitectural accessories have graced the arm(pits - |clutches, you know the score) of everyone from Leandra Medine and Olivia Palermo to Solange Knowles, Jessica Kahawaty and many more besides. This combined with Nathalie's ingenious ability for innovative design has made her label one of the hottest around right now.

Yousef Aljasmi

Two words: Lady Gaga... A few more words; Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Mariaha Carey and not one, but all of the Kardashians.

All of the above are MAJOR fans of Yousefs exquisitely crafted and opulently bedazzled designs. And their patronage has undoubtably helped get the talents of this phenomenal creative on the map. And we can see why. What superstar doesn't want to shimmer from head-to-toe in curve-hugging, hand-sewn sparkle? 

Images: Instagram