Grazia meets the most sought-after skincare pros in the region

From a mother-daughter dream team to a tweakment pioneer, we tracked down the skincare experts changing the face(s) of the Middle East to discover the tips and tricks they swear by... 


The celebrated Oculoplastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor has built a global reputation for her ‘tweakments’ with her meticulous attention to detail and a light-touch technique for eyes and rejuvenating facial aesthetics. Dr Maryam has also developed a range of performance-driven skincare heroes, MZ Skin, that are the perfect combination of science-meets-luxury.

What can we do today to give our skin a head start for 2018?

Prevention is key. Wearing sunscreen daily, regardless of the weather, is crucial. After that, I would invest in an excellent exfoliating cleanser and antioxidant serums.

What ingredients should we steer clear from in skincare?

Avoid any ingredients that are unessential and can cause irritation such as fragrances and silicone.

What is the USP of MZ Skin?

It is a results-driven, medically endorsed and clinically trialled skincare range that fuses potent ingredients for maximum impact with a luxury sensory experience. It is also one of a handful of doctor ranges created by a woman with women in mind, so it is hassle-free with minimal steps.

What’s the biggest skincare mistake women make?

I think sometimes using too many products simultaneously and not knowing how to combine skincare for maximum impact. For instance, manual exfoliation along with chemical exfoliation can cause dry, irritated skin. Mixing and matching favourites can be a great idea, but it’s important they don’t counter one another.

What are the skincare trends for 2018?

Home-treatment protocols are on the rise as well as intelligent skincare that has some level of coverage and SPF are more and more common today.

What’s your skincare mantra?

To reveal, enhance and protect the skin.

What’s the most ageing thing you can do to your skin?

Not protecting against oxidative and environmental stresses like UV exposure and pollutants that sit on the skin.

What is your favourite product and why?

I love at-home treatments as I rarely have time to do treatments on myself. My favourites are the Brighten & Perfect serum and the Radiance & Renewal mask – it’s really a tough call…

Rest & Revive Dhs970

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The Founder and Director of The Halal Cosmetics Company wanted to develop a skincare range that was ethical in every possible way. All Salma’s products are made to very strict standards, are Halal, animal friendly and developed with both safety and efficacy in mind, appealing to all, regardless of age, faith or culture.

What can we do today to give our skin a head start for 2018?

Hydrate. Drinking plenty of fluids is the foundation of radiant skin.

What ingredients should we steer clear from in skincare?

We avoid using parabens which are nasty preservatives, and the second thing is SLS, which is used in cleansers to create bubbles but can cause irritation and dry skin.

What is the Halal Cosmetics Company’s USP?

We are the only skincare brand to use Astaxanthin, which is derived from marine algae. Astaxanthin is one of the most effective antioxidants discovered to date, and it’s 6000 times stronger than vitamin C and 800 times stronger that CoQ10, which is pretty effective.

What are the skincare trends for 2018?

We have experienced a recent increased demand for anti-ageing hand cream. This is simply because our hands are probably the most used part of our body, exposed to all kinds of elements, and are often where signs of ageing appear first.

What’s the biggest skincare mistake women make?

Sun exposure is extremely damaging and several scientific studies show that 80-90 per cent of how old or young you look is due to how much sun exposure you have subjected your skin to. I cannot stress enough the need to ensure you use skincare with SPF protection.

How do you produce ethical skincare on a budget?

Thankfully modern consumers are social-media savvy and highly intelligent; they realise that a high price does not always equal better quality. We’ve always focused on being ethical and using premium ingredients and strongly believe that everyone deserves accessibility to good skincare.

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Meet the mother and daughter dream-skincare-team behind the House of Gazelli. Built on the foundations of Dr. Zarifa’s 40-year experience as a genetic scientist and doctor, and her daughter, Jamila’s business strategy, the results are an awardwinning, clinically proven skincare range and beautiful spa space, that works on improving both mind and body.

What can we do today to give our skin a head start for 2018?

Less – or more sensible – snacking! At times we all need something to snack on, but many people tend to grab something quick and easy for a pick-me-up and to keep them going until dinner. Crisps, chocolates or even nuts – most of us eat way too many thinking they are healthy – all lead to literally littering your digestive system and stomach, which immediately reflects on the skin. Cut this down and see an immediate improvement.

What ingredients should we steer clear from in skincare?

Avoid anything that dries out and dehydrates the skin such as soaps or abrasive scrubs. Dehydration is detrimental for all skin types, throwing it out of balance and causing an array of skin issues from increased sensitivity, dullness, flakiness, breakouts, acceleration of the ageing process and fine lines, and worsens wrinkle depth. Also, while Retin-A may be widely hyped as an acne and anti-ageing miracle, it’s not necessarily suitable for everyone. If unsure, seek expert advice first as it depends on your skin’s condition, so be cautious as it can thin the skin and irritate.

What’s the biggest skincare mistake women make?

Overloading skin with product. There is so much advice out there now that you tend to either overload your skin with products thinking it would bring good results or jump from one method to another without sticking to one routine long enough to see it work. Neglecting a thorough cleanse is another one which has a massive knock-on effect. For your skincare serums and moisturisers to work efficiently, apply to clean skin, allowing them to absorb into the epidermis. It’s also as important to treat skin carefully, as we are often too heavy-handed after cleansing and showering – carefully pat the skin dry, and don’t rub.

What are the skincare trends for 2018?

We will see more and more formulations that keep your skin defended from city life and the effects of stress. Multifunctional products will, I’m sure, continue to do well, since we’re all pressed for time and want products that deliver and we can depend on.

Have you had to adjust your mother-daughter relationship for a working environment?

Of course, it’s a challenge to work with your mother as, for her, you will always be a child and she always knows better than you. But in our case, it’s great since we are experts in completely different fields. This makes us work like two halves to form one whole! Both my mother and I always strive to learn, develop and grow, and doing that together is extremely inspirational.

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