The new-gen designer shaking up the Saudi jewellery industry

Nadine Attar. A new name to remember, mark our words...
The new-gen designer shaking up the Saudi jewellery industry

Despite working in banking for eight years, the way Nadine Attar describes jewellery exposes the truth. That she undeniably has gems in her veins. Understandable, since her family’s decades-old business is built on luxury watches and jewels. Equally understandable, then, is the inevitability of her rather glamorous segue from finance to finery.

Alessandra Ambrosio on the Cannes red carpet in Nadine's Vetrate necklace

“It took me three years to decide to quit,” Nadine tells us about her stint in banking. “My initial plan was to complete 10 years, but the jewellery market was growing way too fast and I had big dreams for my brand, so I woke up one morning without any planning and decided to take a leap of faith.”

Vetrate earrings, POA

We see it as more of a soar to be honest. Nadine has already become a qualified gemologist (“the most interesting part is understanding the chemistry of the stones; it allows you to appreciate their individuality”), opened a boutique in her hometown of Jeddah, and seen supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wear her kaleidoscopic hero pieces, the Vetrate collection, on the red carpet in Cannes. “She made that set the star of my collection!” Nadine exclaims proudly.

Vetrate ring, POA

Star power, family know-how and a natural affinity for design all adds up to a brand-new Saudi jewellery house with real foundations to create the ultimate goal – true longevity. So is Nadine Jewellery out to become a heritage brand? And in such a competitive arena such as fine jewellery, what’s the secret to making that actually happen?

Canaria necklace

“The quality of any brand’s products or services is what ensures its longevity. Our promise is that we will always create designs that are timeless, artistic, high quality – which is why we manufacture in Italy – and, in many cases, multigenerational so they can be passed down.” We think it’s this that’s going to see her brand cut through the noise the most. Hidden in many of her pieces is a sentimentality that is a real pleasure to discover. “One of my favourite pieces of jewellery is a locket from my Sirr collection that I designed to have a picture of my son inside.” Exactly the kind of emotion you want a jeweller to put into her creations, no?

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