The real meaning behind Messika's latest jewellery collection

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The real meaning behind Messika's latest jewellery collection

From Beyoncé to Selena Gomez, A-listers can’t get enough of jewellery brand Messika.

And while its prices might have stopped you in the past from following suit, its new My Twin collection is the ideal way to access the brand without dropping millions of dirhams.

Featuring Kate Moss, Joan Smalls and Sylvia Hoeks in its campaign shot by the acclaimed duo Mert & Marcus, the collection features delicate jewellery options that are durable yet delicate enough for everyday wear.

Sylvia Hoeks

“I wanted to create a trio of girls, a gang that would represent women in their diversity and each of whom, whatever their age, would embody a type of beauty“, says Founder Valérie Messika.

“Kate Moss has always been my muse, she is a Legend of fashion and a rock n’ roll icon. Kate is above all a free woman. As for Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, she seduced me with her personality and her character. Finally, I chose Joan Smalls for her spectacular physique. She gives off a very contemporary glamour. Beyond jewellery, this trio has an attitude. They are strong women who breathe their own style into jewellery. They influence diamonds and not the other way around.”

Kate Moss

And we think you’ll agree, that’s as powerful a reason as any.

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