The region’s newest way to shop now and pay later

A new app has already partnered with over 50 stores in the UAE, and with plans to expand into Saudi Arabia. Could paying by instalments be the only way we can afford to shop in 2020?
The region’s newest way to shop now and pay later

Remember that freak accident? Yeah, that really weird one where you ended up with three pairs of designer shoes in your basket? All absolutely your colour and all absolutely… too expensive. Well, while we can’t provide you with help for your retail therapy problem (that’s on you, boo), we can introduce you to the newest Buy Now, Pay Later solution: Tabby.

That’s right, the latest instalment plan app is here in the UAE, and it’s soon to launch in Saudi Arabia, too.

The app comes with two different payment options: the classic buy now, “Pay in Instalments” method (that companies Klarna and Afterpay have adopted) where the cost is split up and payed each month over a period of time, and the more simply put “Pay Later” process where the cost is payed within 14 days of purchase.

Either way, in both instances, no interest or additional fees will be charged unless otherwise stated.

So, how exactly does it work?

Well, the company have actually made it really easy; you just apply for Tabby at the checkout of a partner store of your choice. A 4-digit SMS PIN will be whizzed to your phone; use this to confirm your purchase and then, after 14 days, or a month (depending on the plan you chose), you’ll pay the appropriate amount of money.

Another bonus means you can pay for purchases before the due date by logging into your Tabby account and making a secure payment via debit or credit card, in order to keep your finances in your control.

It’s no surprise that at a time of heightened economic hardship and uncertainty, a system like Tabby would be welcomed amongst consumers who have caused online sales to soar in the region. Founder and CEO, Hosam Arab, puts it into his own words, “The retail environment is extremely challenging at the moment, and providing a service that gives customers the flexibility to spread their purchases over multiple payments at no cost is very much needed.”

Watch your purse strings, though, because Tabby hasn't partnered with just anybody. 6th Street, Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger and Bare Essentials are just some of the brands with which you can use the app, as well as Dubai-based Amongst Few and Dubai Prints.

Check out the full list, alongside the payment plans, at

As always, though, with the treats come the terms and conditions. As such, we're making sure to remember to only spend within our means and to keep a tight grip on our finances; Grazia recommends the shopaholics out there do the same.

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