The White Shirt Project in honor of Karl Lagerfeld is on display in Dubai

The travelling exhibition which is currently in residence at the Dubai Mall features designs by Diala Makki, Ingie Chalhoub and Afef Jnifen
The White Shirt Project in honor of Karl Lagerfeld is on display in Dubai
Ralph Beatingo

As the late, great Karl Lagerfeld once said, “If you ask me what I’d most like to have invented in fashion, I’d say the white shirt. For me, the white shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes after.”

And now a global community of his friends and family including Diala Makki, Ingie Chalhoub, Afef Jnifen, Cara Delevingne, Diane Kruger, Kate Moss, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid, Helen Mirren, and Olivia Palermo to name but a few, have joined together to create a one-of-a-kind tribute by reinterpreting the white shirt.

Curated by longtime friend Carine Roitfeld, The White Shirt Project, which was revealed during Paris Fashion Week in September, arrived to the Karl Lagerfeld boutique in Dubai Mall last week, where the space was transformed into a private gallery to showcase the designs.

Guests included Ingie Chalhoub, Diala Makki, Alanoud Badr, Deema Al Asadi, Leena Kaziz, Natalia Shustova, Tamara Al Gabbani, Rhea Jacobs, Miriam Abadi, Lama Jamal, Carole Yammine, and Leyla Brunton.

Seven of the final designs have been replicated 77 times each and are being for charity at a price of €777 (Dhs3,187) per piece. 

The number seven was chosen as it was Karl’s lucky number and represented many elements in his life including his favorite arrondissement in Paris (the 7th), and the name of his bookshop and publishing house (7L).

And all proceeds of the shirt sales will be donated to the French charity “Sauver la Vie,” which funds medical research at the Paris Descartes University.

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