These videos show exactly what modest wear is all about

Grazia had the honour of picking the best three videos from the inaugural Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane modest-wear festival... and we'll be honest, they nailed it...
These videos show exactly what modest wear is all about
The Modist's was one of the three videos we loved the most

There's a modest-wear movement happening... and Grazia are super proud to say we've been championing it for years. So when the Islamic Fashion & Design Council's pioneering festival, Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane took place in City Walk, bringing together an international array of the best in show, we were thrilled to wave the flag for it.

As part of our partnership, we got to pick our top three videos from the brilliant brands that showcased their wares at the event. First up was The Modist, a longtime favourite of Grazia's, whose moving, dynamic video had this inspiring poem read over the top of it...

Do not tell me what I am to be, what I am to do

What I am to me

Do not tell me what I am to wear, what I am to cover

My skin or my hair

Do not tell me how much is too much

I am my keeper, I follow my heart

I am my story, my journey, my fight

I feel my fire. I bring my light

I own my style, my label, my look

I am my grace, my traditions, my book

You do not stop me or limit my ways

I am my power, my swagger, my sway

I am The Modist

I belong to me

Atlanta-based brand Huda Negassi also caught our eye for its urban take on old-school analogue video, not to mention its raw, rustic-looking leather accessories.

Last but not least, we chose Brit brand Under-Rapt for its clean, powerful representation of modest athluxury - an arena which we salute them for helping to pioneer.

Honourable mention goes to Blue Meets Blue, the US brand who captured our heart with its story of fashion with soul, employing refugees and making it as much a humanitarian mission as an artistic one.

Photo: Courtesy of The Modist