This Dubai-based jewellery brand wants to make diamonds more affordable

And change the way you think about buying bling
This Dubai-based jewellery brand wants to make diamonds more affordable

You probably think there are two kinds of jewellery – the cheap and cheerful kind that you buy without too much thought, and the extra-special spendy kind that other people buy for you.

But Catherine Klastersky, founder of Aquae Jewels, is bringing a third kind of jewellery to the fore – fine jewellery that features real diamonds and gem stones but doesn't cost the earth.

Delicate gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are at the heart of Aquae Jewels’ aesthetic and the dainty designs lend themselves perfectly to everyday wear. 

And Catherine’s aim from the outset was to create a line of jewellery that women could buy for themselves without waiting for a special occasion to justify the purchase.

“I wanted to create a line that women like me could buy for themselves, with high-quality material, but at the same time affordable for every woman,” she explains.

“I also wanted it to be trendy and instantly available. Today’s woman wants quality but is also price conscious. An average millennial woman with a job might not be able to afford Dhs40,000 for a necklace but can save up to Dhs4,000 to afford a piece she’s been coveting, and this is where Aquae comes in.”

You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the catch? But by making Aquae Jewels a direct-to-customer online business only, the brand has removed the need for all the intermediaries and costs usually involved such as sales staff and shops, and controls all aspects from design to postage from its workshop in Dubai.

It can also deliver in less than five business days worldwide, making it accessible for international customers also.

“We want women to wear real and stylish jewellery that they can keep forever which will not break their wallet,” Catherine shares.

So now you really can make diamonds your best friend... without breaking the budget.

Photos: Instagram and Supplied