We want everything from this homegrown womenswear label and you will too

Mye is minimal, modest and seriously cool
We want everything from this homegrown womenswear label and you will too

Abeer AlMoawdah believes she can add something to the region. What, exactly? Let her tell you. "Everyday wear," she replies, simply. "We have a local brands who create amazing, elegant evening wear, but who don't create everyday wear. Mye provides easy and simple pieces you can wear to work and then to dinner in the evening."

The Bahraini native adds, "The reason I founded a fashion label is to tap into a market which has huge potential. I've always felt we needed more regional homegrown brands that have the potential to become global. We hope to change this."

Quite the statement to make, but Abeer, a corporate consultant, has been thinking these thoughts for years, which is why she has finally decided to action her beliefs in a label aimed to serve all women across the Middle East.

Abeer is the founder of online fashion brand Mye

“I want to make women’s lives a bit easier when it comes to finding clothes,” Abeer continues. “Women are so selfless and have so many roles in their life, this is for them. I love all of the pieces and I wear them every day.”

The home-grown, online boutique features unstructured, modern and entirely wearable pieces, particularly focusing on tailoring in a palette of pastels - peach, lemon, dusty pink, mint green and white. Think contemporary shirting and wide leg trousers in modest silhouettes. Good stuff.

Mye is an abreviation of My Element. "We want women to feel in their element when they are dressed in this brand," Abeer expands. "We also want to be accessible, without compromising on quality. This means each piece has been designed with exceptional attention to detail, using soft and luxurious fabrics. Mye also insists on always including pieces made of natural fabrics as part of each collection, including 100 per cent cotton and silk."  

The unique collection embodies luxury and accessbile pieces 

While collection one is available to purchase now, the second collection, which is released on 31 January, is set provide "more fun". Think stripes, deep coral shades and denim. "It merges masculinity and femininity with flowy cuts, bold cuffs and asymmetric lines representing both gentle and fierce women," Abeer enthuses. 

Grazia believes Mye is a great addition to the fashion scene and we look forward to seeing its success this year. 

The ready-to-wear brand promises to be a wardrobe saviour

Prices start from Dhs460. To shop Mye visit myelabel.com and follow @myelabel on Instagram 

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