What's the secret to creating style? We asked four Dubai influencers

The social media stars introduce adidas Originals’ new P.O.D. System sneaker and talk fashion, colour and experimenting. Happy days
What's the secret to creating style? We asked four Dubai influencers

Leena Al Ghouti 

“When it comes to fashion, I try and show that you can dress modestly and still be super cool. I throw clothes on and don’t think about what colours match. I always wear a long, black shayla but I don’t like being given the label of the ‘covered girl’ or the ‘modest girl’ because the veil is just part of me, like my hair. When styling my outfit with the P.O.D. trainers, I wanted to wear an oversized hoodie from adidas’ men’s section. The female ones are slim fit and I prefer an oversized, layered look. I’m not a trainer girl in terms of sport – I sit at home and drink Pepsi! – but I have flat feet and it’s hard to find the perfect, comfy trainer and adidas Originals always get it right for me. When it comes to trainers you should wear ‘out there’ colours because shoes are your most important accessory. They show your character and personality."

Rania Fawaz

“My style is very feminine and I usually let my clothes do the talking – I don’t accessorise at all – but if my shoes have a lot to say I make sure I wear something original and simple. That’s why I like adidas Originals so much – the pieces are timeless. I chose an all-black outfit of baggy sweats, a fitted top and a bomber jacket, so the trainers were the focus. The outfit is quite boyish, which is why I love making it girly and romantic with the lilac trainer colour and tight top. I am a trainer girl but I don’t like any other flat shoes – I would never wear a sandal! I’m 22 and have learned what my style is – it’s between casual and glamorous. When it comes to choosing outfits I can be indecisive when the pressure is on, but if you have good quality and a good fit, you can’t get it that wrong.”

Lana Al Beik

“I love to experiment with colours, which is why the lilac trainers work so well for me. I like creating a minimal, chic and neutral look and then adding a pop of colour – that’s why I toned my outfit down by wearing white and letting the trainers do their thing. I would describe my style as urban street with no limitations. I’m 23 and think I’m too young to set a certain style. I’m still working out what I like and what I don’t like. I stay away from extremely loose clothing because it swamps me. I want the clothes to complement – not drown – me. I prefer trainers over any shoes. Even when I’m going for a cute, girly look, I still wear trainers. Heels are not practical for me. I’ll wear the P.O.D. trainers for a trip to the mall and when I’m hanging out with friends.”

Sarah Shébani

“I’m always in trainers; I don’t wear heels unless it’s a proper event. I’ve always been really brave when it comes to fashion. I like to try new things, and adidas Originals complements my urban, R&B and pop music look. I stand for self-love and want to share that message to the world. I’m 27 now and I’ve accepted my curly hair and never straighten it. I’d sum up my style as bold, colourful and comfortable, which is why the burgundy P.O.D. trainers are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. I can often find myself head-to-toe in adidas Originals and my friends even joke about it! I also always wear high-waisted skirts or flared trousers because they’re more flattering on me. I enjoy putting thought and time into an outfit.”

The P.O.D. System sneakers – along with the Kaval apparel collection – drops on 2 August,  available in store and at adidas.ae

Photos: David Wang  Styling: James Harris  Hair and make-up: Denny Clements  With thanks to Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club