Why Gen-Z yellow is the new millennial pink

We have a feeling it's because it also happens to be Grazia yellow, just FYI...
Why Gen-Z yellow is the new millennial pink
Bat Gio knows what's up

Remember when everything was pink? And we mean everything. Homeware and hair, coats and candles; you could take even the most mundane of objects and magic them into something ultra-desirable and au courant simply by dousing them in pink. Not just any pink, mind, but Millennial pink, the Instagram-approved team colours of an art-directed generation.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Spring/Summer 2018

Now, however, it seems that we’ve reached peak pink and are making way for something altogether sunnier: yellow. It has, like its sugary predecessor, been given a suitably zeitgeisty moniker: Gen-Z yellow, a reference to the generation born between 1995 and 2014, who are helping popularise the punchy primary (nowhere more visibly than Instagram, naturally).

Dhs772 Helmut Lang at Shopbop

Dhs1,725 Maggie Marilyn at Net-a-Porter

But what if you are older than 23? Can you still wear Gen-Z yellow? Absolutely. It has an unfair reputation as being a gimmicky shade, but, in reality, yellow is a surprisingly versatile – if unexpected – choice. The key is to hunt out classic silhouettes – like Brandon Maxwell’s figure-hugging shift dresses or Calvin Klein’s seen-everywhere-at-fashion-week faux-fur coat, and let the colour make the impact. 

Dhs2,342 Neous at Browns Fashion

Or how about trying yellow tailoring? A hit of the hue works particularly well with grown-up shades, reinvigorating neutrals and navy (as well as jump-starting your spring wardrobe).

Dhs156 Mango

Dhs700 Illesteva at Shopbop

With wedding season fast approaching, it’s good to remember that yellow also makes a refreshing choice for formalwear. Less predictable than black, edgier than cloyingly sweet pink, it imbues fluid, romantic pieces with a surprising sass.

Dhs3,475 Maison Margiela at Farfetch

So there you have it, Gen-Z yellow isn’t just for the Gen Z-ers. So maybe the name needs a rethink. Come to think of it, wouldn’t you say Grazia yellow has a nice ring?

Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and supplied