Five ways to channel Zoe Kravitz this autumn

It all starts with the pout...
Five ways to channel Zoe Kravitz this autumn

Let's face it, Zoe Kravitz is retty much the epitome of cool. From being Lenny Kravitz' daughter to being an accomplished actress, model, and style icon in her own right, girls' got it going on. While we're the last to encourage anyone to want to be anyone other than themselves, there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. And if there's any muse worth chanelling, it's Zoe. So how can one make like Miss Kravitz? In just six simple steps...

1. The pout!

It was recently announced that Zoe Kravitz and YSL Beauty will be teaming up on a collection of lipsticks that will be released on 1 September. The matte Rouge Pour Couture shades are named after the important females in Zoe's life, so the only question that remains is will you go for Lale or Scout? 

2. The scent.

As you probably know, Zoe is the face of YSL Beauty's Black Opium scent and apparently wears it constantly herself... Lets get spritzing.

3. Slip into something slinky, shiny and black.

Some of Zoe's most iconic looks, including her dress for this year's Met Gala and the premiere of new season Big Little Lies, have involved her favourite shade and lashings of bedazzlement. 

4. Tiny tats.

Zoe's known for her constallation of tiny tattoos, each signifying an important moment, memory or person in her life. Word of warning though, a tattoo is for life (or painful laser removal) so only get inked if you're absolutely sure. 

5. Be unapologetic about your opinions and unafraid to share them.

Possibly the coolest thing of the lot. 

Images: Instagram