The most envy-inducing rooms on Instagram aren’t even real

And yet, we can’t help but want them
The most envy-inducing rooms on Instagram aren’t even real
Photo: @jwrendersstudio

Fur-covered chairs that look as if they’re blushing, nude in the middle of an icy interior. Rugs dancing themselves into ever-changing sculptures. Interiors entirely decked out in Faye Toogood. It’s hard to imagine these otherworldly offerings in reality, but the digital world knows no bounds.

Overtaking our favourite interior-inspo pages on Instagram is a new wave of virtual designers. Through flawless 3D renders, virtual designers are singlehandedly creating the most unreal (literally) and envy-inducing spaces on the internet.

Somewhere between a millennial masterpiece of a painting, and an ultra-luxe show home, these sets are often created for brands in place of traditional photographers or interior stylists. Through virtual designing, artists are free to experiment with materials that are difficult to work with (think reflective flowing steel curtains), and dreamlike landscapes that would give even Mother Nature a run for her money. We've rounded up the accounts that are bound to take your morning Instagram scroll to an otherworldly level.

Just With Renders Studio

Reisinger Studio

All of Renders

Peter Tarka

Alexis Christodoulou

Photos: Instagram and Supplied